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Cashback in iGaming

There are many ways to get rich in this world. However, some are not accessible to all people. Most of us have an idea but not the abilities to put this into practice. This privilege is reserved for a handful of people. Therefore, many people trying their luck otherwise.

Online casinos have already turned many players into winners but how about getting a cashback every time you lose? In the spirit of attracting more customers and standing out from the competition, it seems that some internet casinos will now do exactly that. Let's see how it works.

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The Cashback System

Cashback is a popular incentive in the retail sector and has now also begun to appear in iGaming and casino/sports betting marketing. iGaming website Gambling Deals focuses on the cashback feature, where players can earn money back on their losses from casino operators online. Gambling deals is a free-to-use cashback platform that pays their members up to 20% cashback on their losing bets every month for life. Members log on to the Gambling Deals platform, to click through and register as a new player. From there, they are can click through to play with a Gambling Deals partner of their choice, where they’re entitled to receive cashback if they lose.

The Gambling Deals technology updates member’s accounts on a daily basis to show members their recorded cashback. This appears in their Gambling Deals account within 24 hours and at the end of the month the cashback sum is paid directly to the member's bank, PayPal or Skrill account. This platform works with some leading brands like Unibet, Paddy Power and Betfred.


Why Online Casino Players Should Sign up with Cashback Affiliate Sites 

iGaming is full of affiliates that successfully offer the new player a one off bonus for signing up. However, iGaming players worldwide are more interested in long-term rewards than one-time bonuses. Gambling Deals has made a promise to its members that it will pay out cashback on losses every month for a lifetime. Cashback is designed as a mechanism for loyalty and is a proven concept for a sustainable way for companies to experience incremental increases in order value, sales and other important metrics.

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In gambling, it is best to have fun and that is the reason why casino games are constantly being developed. The best and most popular casino games still seem to be the classic games, which are constantly being improved and updated with new technology. Players love to be rewarded with a continuous cashback and it is a two-way partnership with operators and players that is offered by Gambling Deals to drive loyalty, while delivering great customer experience and a quality product. As we all know, luck cannot always be on our side. In this case, the cashback deal is a nice big cushion and it means less of a hole in the pocket if we lose. This platform offers an unrivalled way to reward the players and provides the chance for players to get cashback on all their losing bets. That is the smarter way to play.