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Casinos That Allow Deposits by Phone

Many casino game players like to low roll, and one problem that many such players can experience is finding a low cost way of funding their mobile casino accounts.

If you choose to make a deposit for example using a credit card then you are going to be hit with cash advance fees and interest charges on those deposits. Even when you use a web or e-wallet such as Neteller or Skrill you will find there are going to be fees associated with topping up those accounts, even before you transfer your money into a mobile casino site!

However, many casino operators know a large percentage of their players are low rollers who are looking for very cost effective and highly secure ways of funding their mobile casino accounts and as such you will find many mobile casinos will offer you something known as a pay by phone billing option.

How those banking options work is quite simple, you simply log into your mobile casino account via the real money log in, and then tap onto the banking or cashiers button. Once you have done that you simply select the pay by phone deposit option and select an amount of cash you would like to transfer into your account and then that deposit will be added onto your next mobile phone bill!

If you have a pre-paid type of mobile phone account then as long as you have enough credit on that phone you will be able to make a deposit into your mobile casino account.

Be aware though that not all mobile casinos offer pay by phone billing options, and as such we would encourage you to take a look at casinolegend.co.uk for that website has one of the most definitive lists of casinos that allow deposit by phones.

In fact, you will also find that you will have access to lots of exclusive sign up bonuses at that website all of which are going to allow you to increase the value of your deposits made by adding them onto your next phone bill!

One thing we are often asked regarding this type of mobile casino deposit option is whether there is a risk you could be landed with a huge phone bill at the end of the month by getting carried away and making lots of deposits.

That is fortunately something that you will not experience as there are some very strict limits in regards to the amounts you can deposit by your phone bill and also there are limits in regards to how many deposits you can make over a given time period when using that banking option.

The only think you do have to be aware of is that you can only make deposits using your phone and associated phone bill, if you have a winning session you are going to have to select a different payment option for withdrawing your winnings, however there are always plenty of fast and efficient ways of making a cash out from any mobile casino site!