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Casumo Casino Review

One of the first things you see when you hit the homepage of Casumo Casino is their claim that they are an amazing casino. While no casino would put something like 'we're actually not a very good casino' on their homepage, this is a bold claim. But with an attractive design, plenty of strong bonus offers, and a great selection of online casino games, it's hard to argue that Casumo Casino is anything but an amazing casino.

Founded in 2012, Casumo Casino has made a number of claims of similar boldness, including that they were designed to make people smile and that they exist to erase boredom. While those claims can't be defended quantitatively, they must be true to some degree if Casumo Casino continues to build a positive reputation.

Built to be compatible on mobile devices, tablets, Macs, or PCs, Casumo Casino has a stunning design, optimized to be responsive to whatever device you are on. This is especially handy on mobile devices and tablets, where some online casino sites leave you stuck with a full site that you have to zoom in and out on constantly to see what you're doing. While this site leaves a little extra space on the edges on wider screened computers, it's an all-around pleasant experience.

More important than how it looks, though, is how Casumo Casino rewards its players. Casumo Casino deposit bonuses are strong, and last deep into a player's relationship with the casino. In total there are five bonuses available, starting with a 200% bonus on a player's initial deposit. After that first deposit, players receive 20 free spins each day for 10 days, just by logging into the site. Those spins give you the chance to earn even more than the 200% earned through the initial deposit bonus, without having to risk a thing.

From there, players receive a 50% bonus on deposits two and three at Casumo Casino, and 25% bonuses on deposits four and five. When all is said and done, there is a total of €1200 in bonus funds up for grabs, along with 200 free spins for the chance to win even more.

As for the casino games themselves, Casumo Casino games are full of variety, with over 300 popular games available to be played. There are popular slot games like Starburst, as well as slots with massive jackpots such as Mega Fortune, as well as timeless table games like baccarat, blackjack, and roulette. With an eclectic mix of high stakes and low stakes games and tables, Casumo Casino has something for everyone.

Whether it is an appealing graphic interface, a generous suite of deposit bonuses for new players, or a wide range of games to choose from, Casumo Casino is definitely designed to make players smile, and will do a great job of erasing their boredom. Players would be smart to look further into what they have to offer.