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Could Online Sports Gambling Be the Gateway to the US Market for Online Casinos?

With the exception of three states (Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey), It has been near impossible for the online casino industry to make headway into the US market. Land-based Indian casinos, Atlantic City and Vegas have always maintained a tight grip on casino gambling throughout the country. In recent years, gamblers have made it clear they want access to what the world already has access to, online casino gambling.

It took decades for land-based casino gambling to become a generally accepted part of society. Slowly but surely, the negative stigmatism associated with gambling in the states has eroded. With the federal government agreeing to not interfere, a majority of the states now have legalized horse racing, lotteries and land-based Indian casino gambling. In the process, a strange thing happened. The country didn’t succumb to immorality.

For years, gambling opponents expressed grave concerns about the possible onslaught of social problems related to prostitution, drugs and problem gambling if casinos were introduced into the country’s culture. It turns out those concerns were unfounded. Now, similar arguments are being used to try to stop online gambling from being approved.

Even in the three states where online casino gambling has been legalized, there has be a reluctance to approve sports gambling. Some online gaming experts consider it to be the last frontier into the US market. It simply doesn’t make sense. Opponents claim the legalization of online sports gambling in the states will erode the integrity of the major sports leagues. The problem with that argument is the nation is already seeing billions spent a year betting on sports. Gamblers just do it illegally,

The time is fast approaching for legislatures to get out of the way and let citizens decide for themselves whether they want online casinos and sports betting. The major sports leagues are finally seeing the light. They feel confident they can count on their athletes to tow the line and not succumb to behavior that would destroy their careers and leagues.

As for the states legislatures, they have finally found a reason to start considering the legalization of all forms of gambling. While many states struggle keeping up with the needs of its residents, the appeal of additional tax revenues is turning the tide.

On the final day of the 2018 ICE Totally Gaming Exhibition in London, New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) director David Rebuck announced his state was ready to start receiving applications from online sports betting providers. This is a clear indication that the New Jersey legislatures is ready to seriously consider opening the state’s doors to sports gambling.

It’s a certainty that the rest of the nation is watching. Should New Jersey become the first state to allow both online casino and sports gambling, the rest of the states will be forced to consider the consequences of lost tax revenues to not only offshore concerns, but also to another state. The Internet is impossible to regulate. As such, it’s a good bet that more states will start falling in line.

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