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Enjoy Playing These Popular Casino Games in your PC

Online gaming options; By Greg Montani

The Internet has given us access to almost everything we can think of. If you find yourself itching to go to Vegas or casino near you, you might want to think twice. You can actually play your favorite games now right in your personal computer without having to leave the comfort of your own home. If you are a resident of Canada, you might want to check out the awesome casino games at CasinoCanada.Online. If you are from someplace else, we have prepare a list of three awesome games you can enjoy in your free time.


At number one, we recommend the game of roulettes. Roulette is a table game that is known for the spinning wheel. In real land-based casinos, you will see a lot of people crowding by a roulette game, yelling, having fun, and cheering. Even those who are not really betting or playing cannot deny that watching alone is enough to trigger excitement.

This game is on the top of our list because roulette is a game that is recommended to everyone. It is very easy to learn, that even those who are first-time casino-goers with no knowledge of the game can just go to a roulette table and start playing. What makes roulette popular is the presence of the wheel. Sure, playing for money is dramatic and exciting in itself, but knowing that your fate depends solely on the spinning wheel and the ball is enough to make someone yell. As the wheel spins with the ball, you will get into thinking how the outcome might result to you winning or losing a couple of hundreds of dollars. The thrill it gives you is unique to others game like Poker and Blackjack.

Roulette is a friendly, social game. In a roulette game, everyone else is your friend. You do not have competition or enemies because everyone can just bet on the same thing. You do not have to read body languages or know when the other players are bluffing or not. There are no complex rules or hand gestures. This is what makes roulette a game that gets more fun when played by more people.


Among all card table games played in both real land-based and online casinos, Poker can be considered as one of the most played casino games out there. There is some truth when poker players tell you that the only goal of playing poker is just to win the most, but some people play poker for the sake of entertainment. Many people like the game due to its friendly atmosphere and an environment that lets you communicate with your fellow poker players. If we are to describe poker one word, no word suits better than “fun.” Poker is good if you are looking to socialize with other people. The gaming environment is set in a friendly but competitive vibe.

Playing poker online does not differ much from playing in a land-based casino. You will still enjoy the ability to interact with your fellow players using the chat feature. You can clear out the awkwardness by initiating a conversation. Throw in some good old jokes. Your fellow players may very well be in other countries like Denmark, Laos, France and many more. Knowing how to connect with other people from a different culture is going to be a really good asset in life. Not to mention, being able to find a friend from the other side of the world is fun and rewarding. But, of course, just like how other poker players think, winning is just as rewarding.


It would be an insult to the popularity of the game not to include Blackjack on our list. The reason perhaps for blackjack’s popularity among casino-goers is its utter simplicity. Blackjack is said to be easier to learn by many people compared to Poker based on its game rules. Many people play blackjack because the game gives you a feeling that you have complete control of the outcome of the game when, in fact, you actually do not. The rules of blackjack is easy to learn but if you wish to excel at it, professional players recommend years of continuous practice.

Many people have been inspired to play blackjack after watching the movie 21 which starred Jim Sturgess and Kevin Spacey. The movie revolved around these two gentlemen conquering a casino by counting cards to favor in their advantage, in doing so, altering the outcome of the game. The act is called card counting. If you wish to become really good at it, or if you are just intrigued, go watch the movie now. At the end of the movie, gauge yourself if you have the exceptional mathematical skill to do card counting and be able to win big in blackjack.

Playing this game in your laptop or personal computer will be an entertaining experience for you. Your dealer, unlike in a real land-based casino, would not be physically in front of you, but you will still be able to see him or her through your monitor. Do not worry, beating your dealer in an online setting would feel just as good as you would in a real casino. Also, playing in your own home without needing to book an expensive flight to Las Vegas will definitely save you a huge amount of money. You would not even have to dress up in your fancy gowns or suits.

There you have them! Though there are other games we can recommend, but these three popular table and card games will surely entertain you in your free time. Casino games played online will surely take your mind off. Have you played or downloaded a table game recently in your personal computer? How was the experience? Did it live up to your expectations? Do you think playing casino games online can replace playing in a real, land-based casino? Tell us your comments and suggestions below. We would love to hear more from our fellow casino enthusiast.

Images by GregMontani and TheAndrasBartas under Public Domain CC0