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GameOn the Game Begins

Alexander Dobrov CEO Betting Business Russia Interviews Glyn Thomas Event Director GameOn Ukraine

The Ukrainian government intends to legalize gambling and, as claimed leadership of the country, looking for that the most civilized way. To help solve this problem an international conference designed to GameON, which will be held in Kyiv on 13-14 October. What are the objectives set itself the organizer of the Event - British publisher Ace Publishing Ltd and whether they are feasible in the current economic and political situation, Betting Business Russia said the director of the event Glyn Thomas. 

What is the main task is to solve the organizer of the conference? 

The Ukrainian government has expressed a desire to be open and transparent way back gambling. An ideal opportunity for the introduction of new legislation in the country world-class, which will benefit the operators of gambling business and consumers, and government. Thus, the purpose of the event - to gather in one place representatives of the gaming industry and the official authorities so that they can familiarize themselves with international best practice.


Glyn Thomas (Glyn Thomas)

I worked in the gaming industry for over 20 years. As a co-owner of Ace Publishing Ltd, constantly communicating with professionals in the field of gambling worldwide through leading periodicals of the format "business to business» Casino Life and Bingo Life. Glen lived and worked in Kiev for 8 years.

What are the problems encountered in the organization of this event? 

From the government's difficulties have arisen, it has helped us every support. Some of my Russian colleagues had concerns about how it would react to the border and during his stay in Kiev. Dispelling these fears help to take advantage of VIP-party: members of our team will meet guests at the aircraft, to help go through passport control and will accompany the event.Hopefully everything will go home with a new understanding of what Ukraine really - friendly and open country. 

Please tell us about the scale of GameOn Ukraine. 

Last week we opened pre-registration on the site and has already received more than 50 applications. Since we have not actively advertised the event, we expect the presence of over 100 delegates. ACE Publishing Ltd - publisher of Casino Life and Bingo Life, as well as the organizer of professional B2B-conferences and events around the world. Offices are located in the UK and Ukraine. Game ON organizes conferences in cooperation with Kiev PR- and event company Whites Communications.

From which countries are the participants? 

For the most part of Europe, and several representatives from America. 

Will among European guests representatives betting industry? 

It's too early for specifics, but we expect the representatives of all kinds of gambling business: the traditional and online casinos , bookmakers, sports betting, and the companies - operators of lotteries. After all, the new law will affect all aspects of this industry in Ukraine. 

 What Western companies have shown interest in this event? 

Negotiations with several Western and domestic companies that want to completely or partially sponsor the event. 

Who directed the conference? 

Audience Conference - business senior executives who want to learn firsthand whether the government would help create a stable and open business environment. Many of the participants will represent a multibillion-dollar company - gambling operators, equipment manufacturers, suppliers, lawyers ...

Speakers Game ON
Yatsenyuk, Prime Minister of Ukraine 
Natalia Yaresko, Finance Minister 
Pavel Petrenko, Minister of Justice of Ukraine 
Natalia Sevostyanova, Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine 
According Ukrainegaming.com

The conference is expected to address the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk.What it will be devoted to the theme? 

Mr. Yatsenyuk agreed to open the event and indicate the government's intention to transform the gambling business, which is partly living in the shadows, without regulating the legislative framework in the sector, which operates in accordance with international standards. He wants the industry to promote tourism and, most importantly, create jobs for local people. The Prime Minister made ​​it clear that the government wants to get the tax revenues to the treasury, but not at any price. The gambling industry has to return to the country open and transparent, be legitimate and fair. 

You met Arseniy Yatsenyuk. How to justify the need for the legalization of gambling business in Ukraine? 

I'm not the initiator of the gambling business in Ukraine, but only, so to speak, a catalyst. Those who met with key figures in the gaming industry worldwide for the past 20 years and who can bring them here to help the government make the right decisions. The Prime Minister and other cabinet members, who take part in it, understand that it is better to listen to and follow the advice of experts, than to expect that politicians take decisions that may not be relevant or not for the benefit of the country. Gambling was suddenly stopped by here without warning in 2009, the world has gone far ahead.

In 2009, before the introduction of the ban on gambling business in Ukraine in the field of more than 200 thousand. Man. According to data of the magazine "Focus", there were more than 10 thousand. Gambling establishments, more than 90% of them - the halls of slot machines, and less than 1% - a casino.

What factors do you think may be of interest for European representatives of the gambling business in the Ukrainian market? 

There are three main reasons to visit our event. First, hear everything first hand and meet face to face with top officials in the government. The second is to establish working relationships with companies that currently are already here, they want to start all over again, or possibly look for local partners. Third: make your voice heard. The gambling industry in Ukraine needs representation, so this event will create a new industry organization. Those who want to become part of the process of formation of the new legislation, will be invited to cooperate.

Suma Chakrabarti

Ukraine does not spend in vain the chance to build a better future. This is the most reform-minded government, which saw Ukraine. Of course, this is one of the most professional administrations with which we've ever worked with the EBRD.

SumaChakrabarti, President of the "European Bank for Reconstruction and Development"

 Which strategy is suitable for the legalization of Ukraine? In some countries, we should adopt the best practice? 

Giving clarification on these issues is not included in the scope of my competence, as this will only be my assumption. Other countries have spent many years developing an effective legislative framework, and Ukraine may take a few tries before legislation will work. But initially guiding principle is likely to be the creation of an independent government commission on gambling, which will be funded by license fees. This authority will issue licenses to ensure compliance with all the conditions, prevent criminal activity, explain to the population that is safe gambling, and, finally, to monitor the conduct of the national lottery for national well-being. Gambling Commission should be self-financing, remain out of politics, regularly audited by an independent supervisory body. 

Are you planning to organize three or four such events. What will be decided in their agenda? 

I'd like to see in the second event, we focused on the law and the consequences for the operators of its entry into force. The remaining activities will be aimed at specific sectors of the gambling industry. I know that other organizations are also planning to hold competing events, but in every market there is room for competition. The quality - always a guarantee of success. 

In conclusion, I want to emphasize: if the politicians will listen to the gaming industry and will be balanced, fair solutions, Ukraine will prosper. The gambling industry will create more than 300 thousand. New jobs, and income from tax revenues received during the year after the introduction of a stable legal regime to exceed $ 100 million. However, if they go back to the old law and allow cronyism and corruption to take root in the industry, they fail the whole country. 

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