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Glyn Thomas chats to Tim Klok, Business Development Director, Casino Flex Systems

Tell us about CasinoFlex Systems International.

We are a young company, founded in 2015. Bas Baarbe and myself created the company and we are naturally both very active here. Bas is responsible for the technical and R&D side of the company – my focus is commercial. We have many years of experience in the gaming industry and that from different aspects – both as an operator and a manufacturer. Our in-depth knowledge of systems requirements led us to the clear conclusion that the market requires a new approach – that of CasinoFlex Systems International.

Can you provide our readers an insight some of the features of CasinoFlex?

Our company was created to solve these problems: Systems are per se a complex subject matter. They make use of a great deal of information for different purposes. Some operators may have avoided the systems question in the past due to this apparent complexity – and also due to the cost of installing and maintaining such a system. Although the word gaming is generic for our industry, we all know how diverse it is and that local jurisdictions play a major role. Our company philosophy works with this. We do not believe in the notion that one system type fits all. On the contrary, the more tailored a system is to the individual customer requirements, the easier it will be to make use of, the more accepted it will be – all this means that the value of having a system increases correspondingly. We know how expensive competitive systems can be. Right from the beginning, our goal has been to create systems solutions that are affordable to the entire gaming market – not just large casinos – even the small street gaming operators. We believe we have been successful here.

Image: R2L  Tim Klok and Bas Baarbe

Is it expensive and how easy is it to operate?

Your question leads directly on from my last comment. CasinoFlex Systems is very affordable to all types of gaming operators. Ease of operation is a key point as well. A system can only be beneficial if it is understandable for all and is easy to use on a day-to-day basis. That is where our long-standing experience plays a decisive role. We have put particular emphasis in creating a system that is intuitive to use and provides a host of information at a click of a button. That is another reason for the great interest in our solutions.

From an installation standpoint, how easy is it to install into Casinos that may have a number of different types of machines and some that can be quite old?

The complexity increases when operators have a mix of older and newer machines – which is often the case. In the past, systems companies tended to be a subsidiary of a slot manufacturer and so there may have been a focus on updating older machines when integrating such a system. We are a pure systems company. Therefore, we look to the problems our customers have on their gaming floor and cater our solutions to them. For example, we can provide mechanical meter interfacing and coin emulation – so enabling TITO and cashless for older slot machines as well. Operators thus benefit from the same features and functionality for their complete machine park. No operator has to part with older slots that still maintain their popularity in order to introduce a system.

What areas of the Casino operation can CasinoFlex System assist management in the optimisation of, for example, its EGMs on the Casino Floor, and how can it assist the marketing department?

That is our focus. It’s about offering the right systems solution each and every time. We invest much time to ensure we know exactly what system is required. We often speak to a great number of persons in different departments, including slots and table managers as well as responsible management within marketing and finance. In this way we can get a complete picture. This creates a system that aids casino management in different ways – the marketing manager is looking for specific information in a different way to that of the operations manager, for example. This is the true strength of our system – that it is created with these different requirements in mind.

How would you describe the advantages of CasinoFlex Systems in comparison to alternative Software solutions on the market?

At CasinoFlex Systems, there is no one system that fits all mentality. Each system is devised for individual requirements, which can vary enormously. We know and understand the market for systems through our long-standing experience. As an SME, the time to market is quicker and our personal approach makes a difference. We are a pure systems company that can connect all types of slots. Furthermore, our system is affordable to all in the gaming industry.

What has been the feedback from Casino operators who have installed the CasinoFlex System?

We have been overwhelmed with the positive feedback we have received. This is our best motivation and motor for growth. As a smaller company that is strongly growing, we are proud to be the market leader already in Bulgaria. We are busy strengthening our global support network. The recent agreement with PEJ in Spain, for example, gives us much better access to this market. Larger operators are also seeing the benefits we offer and I think it is true to say that we have already gained much standing in the industry since our incorporation three years ago. This high level of respect we receive shows that our corporate philosophy is correct. Each and every customer is given the time and respect to find the right system, implement it and receive the necessary training.

What are the most compelling reasons why a Casino operator should look at installing a CasinoFlex System in their Casinos?

We make a difference. We provide the right system, tailored to each and every customer. We invest our time and focus to get to know the needs of all the departments that make use of the system. Our system is simple to use and provides as well all the necessary information a government may require (with real-time information). Our system is affordable for all.

How was ICE 2018 for you and can you provide any details on your plans for other exhibitions and events where you will exhibiting?

We enjoyed a very busy ICE that confirms that our company is very much on the radar for operators searching for a system. We will be expanding our show diary. We have just come back from our very first FADJA Colombia where we exhibited. We are still buzzing from this show.

There are Casinos that still use Excel software to store and manage data, which it is likely many consider is all they require, so what in your opinion are the key advantages of CasinoFlex Systems over the Microsoft Excel program?

There are so many differences – our program is naturally created especially for casino requirements that often have to report information to their fiscal authorities. I have been able to explain many features during this interview. Our team is available to provide this information personally – I invite operators to get in touch and see how we can help.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

The fact that we are market leaders already in Bulgaria (the country where we have our headquarters) shows that we make a difference. I’m looking forward to the next opportunity for an interview with Casino Life to explain what has been happening in the meantime.