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Increase Your Chances of Winning a Progressive Jackpot

As soon as a casino game player starts taking a look at the slot games on offer to them at any casino site they have chosen to sign up to and log into, they are going to be tempted to play some of the many different slots offering a progressive jackpot.

There are of course hundreds of progressive jackpot slot games you can play online, however the vast majority of them only offer players the chance of winning one jackpot, and when playing such  slots the actual odds of your lining up the jackpot paying winning combination of reel symbols are huge!

However, what you may be blissfully unaware of is that there are several recently launched slot games that offer players the chance of winning not one single jackpot but several progressive jackpots. Also the way that many of those slots award their jackpots is quite different to anything you may have come across before.

The older styled and more established progressive slots will often require a player to play every single payline attached to them and often additional force a player to have to play for maximum stake levels too to have any chance of winning their respective progressive jackpots.

Many of the newer more recently launched slots however give you the chance of winning one of several different progressive jackpots but without the need to have to play them for a certain stake amount or line up any jackpot paying reel symbols!

One such slot is Microgaming’s Mega Moolah slot game, when playing that slot it is at the end of any base game paid for spin a spin the wheel type of bonus game can be randomly awarded to you, irrespective of the stakes or number of paylines you have in play.

Once triggered you then spin the wheel and are guaranteed of winning one of four different sized progressive jackpots, depending on just which segment of the wheel is spun in opposite the win pointer.

RTG or as they are often referred to as Real Time Gaming on the other hand who are another well known slot and casino game designer have a range of what are known as Real Series slots, and when playing those slots you can randomly be awarded with an instant progressive jackpot!

Once again much like the slot above there is no requirement to have to play any of the slots in that series for a certain stake amount or in a certain way, as every player has the chance of being awarded with the progressive jackpots on offer on them all.

Another slot game designer who now offers their range of games not only to online and mobile casino site operators but also to bookmakers shops and offices via their FOBT machines is Playtech, and they too have a range of unique progressive jackpot slots on offer.

When you set about playing any of their large range of what are collectively known as Marvel Jackpot slots you have the chance of triggering a random pick and match styled bonus game, on which you are guaranteed to win one of four progressive jackpots.

That picking game is easy to play off as you simply select locations off the bonus game screen and by doing so you will reveal the logo of the four progressive jackpots and as soon as you match three of those logos you then win the corresponding progressive jackpot!

All of the slot games mentioned above are available to play right now online, however whilst some of them will be free to play slots as well as being available as real money slots, you will only have the chance of winning their respective jackpots when playing them in a real money playing environment.

So whilst you can test out many of them for free you will only ever win demo mode credits when doing so, and as such for the chance of a life changing jackpot in you will need to give them your best shot for real money!