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International Slot Machine Sales 'We’ll exceed your expectations – not your budget'

Sam Arnold, CEOISMS. Interview by Peter White

What advantages do Casino operators gain from your impressive new facility in Las Vegas?

The main advantage - and the reason we established it - is to service our huge supply chain and provide our customers with an extensive range of product at exceptionally low prices. There is no other company in the US that stocks as many makes and models in all of the different brands of machines - particularly late model machines - for the prices at which we are able to supply them.

The new facility enables us to configure machines quickly for the jurisdictions in which they will be used; these include bill validators, ticket printers, as well as associated software and games. Our customers are confident that the game content we supply is 100 percent original and that they will have no problems concerning intellectual property with any machine purchased from International Slot Machine Sales.

Product, product range and product pricing are the three biggest advantages this new facility provides.

There are two things that drive success in the key markets we serve, particularly the Central and South American markets. Firstly, supply product that performs well. All the products that we supply are high-end, high-earning, current models, and our partners get a very good return on them. Secondly, get the pricing right. The price pitch for our products has to be entry-level for these areas - a price that allows the smaller operators in these markets to get themselves established and expand their businesses.

ImageSam Arnold, CEO, ISMS

Does the increased production mean a greater emphasis on the replacement markets in the US, Central South America and the Caribbean?

Relocating some of our production from Miami to Las Vegas gives us a much more direct route to the Asia market, so saving on transport costs and time.

With regards to the Americas, our largest market tends to be Latin America and this new facility in Las Vegas will enable us to increase our supply volumes to this market. The North American market is a mature one and so we tend to concentrate on supplying new and emerging markets. Our bases in Miami and Las Vegas are best placed to supply these markets.

Everybody gets gaming choice. It’s not about the cabinet: it’s about the game within the cabinet and this ensures that our partner gets a good return on their investment – and we get the repeat business. We give our customers gaming choice, content which works, content which performs – and a game-performance warranty.

What advantages do Casinos gain from refurbished EGMs?

In a few words: the latest products and machines at guaranteed lowest prices. Of course, the main advantages are that customers are able to choose from an extensive inventory and purchase the latest machines at ‘used’ prices that will deliver an excellent return on investment.

What has been your focus regarding the European Casino Replacement market and how do you see that changing in the years ahead?

Europe is a mature market - by mature I mean that when machines are replaced it is generally with new machines. However, we do conduct a lot of business in Eastern European countries such as Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia and so on; these are good markets for us and they take advantage of our business model to supply the latest machines at used prices. Our main focusin Europe is therefore on those Eastern European markets.

In what other regions are you developing your business?

Africa is still a relatively new market but a growing one as far as used product is concerned. Consequently, the region is one of ISMS’ main growth markets.

We maintain offices in New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Latvia, London and Miami, and we will soon be opening our new office in Las Vegas. Globally we have strategically located facilities supplying products that are appropriate to those particular geographical locations.

Whilst satisfied customers continue to return to ISMS and recommend us to their business associates, we are committed to driving improvement in areas such as quality and service. Indeed, our quality assurance program is only the beginning. ISMS is all about continuous improvement. The ISMS sales team is dedicated to helping our clients choose products that are not only right for their business, but which are also appropriate for their geographical locations.