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Johnny Rockets Universal appeal

How was 2013 for the Johnny Rockets Franchise operations and how is the year ahead shaping up?

Last year (2013) went really well for our Johnny Rockets operations.  As with any business, challenges were present everywhere like the rise of competition in the food industry, price sensitivity related concerns of the consumers, increasing price of the raw materials, not enough excellent real estate for the brand to expand and domestic economic related matters.  Even with so many challenges as mentioned above in the food industry, we view the future very positively and are still planning on expanding the brand in the Philippines.

What age group would you say are you seeing most growth in patrons to your Johnny Rockets Franchises?

The most growth we are seeing currently is 16 to 21 year olds, as well as 50 years old and above.

Is the Johnny Rockets franchise popular with families?

Johnny Rockets is extremely popular for families, particularly on the weekends when they are looking for a fun, entertaining place to enjoy a meal. 

Was the franchises an overnight success or did you have to market them allot to gain the initial interest?

Effective marketing played a vital role in creating interest and awareness for the Johnny Rockets brand.  We believe ongoing marketing will be instrumental in bringing new customers through our doors on an ongoing basis.

Is the menu the same as in the US or has it been modified?

Our basic menu is the same as the US menu, particularly the all-American favorites like the hamburger, American fries and hand-spun shakes.  We did introduce other products that suits the local market as well.

What would you say have been the key aspects of the Johnny Rockets brand that have been so appealing for your customers?

The key aspects of the Johnny Rockets brand are its food quality, the ambiance , the thematic atmosphere, entertainment (dancing and singing) or having fun while eating at any of our restaurants. Our clients also love that Johnny Rockets is a US brand and provides excellence service. 

Would you say the Appetite & Appeal for the Johnny Rockets style of food & brand is Global?

Burgers have an international appeal, so yes, the Johnny Rockets food and brand has a global appeal.

Why did you choose the Johnny Rockets franchise, what where the determining factors in your decision to go with a franchise with this organisation?

Johnny Rockets has a distinct and unique way of presenting the restaurant main focal points as compared to other restaurants.  The overall fun atmosphere and dancing that our guests experience and its global appeal were also determining factors.

What is your organisations approach to when promoting your restaurants do you involve advertisements on Television or Radio and local and international newspapers?

We are open to all media types and are currently executing multiple campaigns across various mediums.  Currently, we only do local newspaper advertisements as it reaches our local customer base.

Do you do special discounted promotions?

Our Johnny Rockets locations do provide special discounted promotions, but only for special occasions or events.

Do staff at the Franchises join in with dinners in celebrating birthdays anniversary’s by singing for example happy birthday?

In the Philippines, celebrations are a way of life, so we absolutely join our customers in celebrating their special occasion. We have been singing Happy Birthday since we opened Johnny Rockets almost five years ago and have even hired professional composers to help create a special Johnny Rockets song.

What percentage of ingredients of the various dishes and choices from the menu at your restaurants is local produce?

Almost 99% of our menu utilizes local produce. The only item that is imported from the US is the secret seasoning for the burgers.

What would you say to those Resort Casino operators whom are reading this interview about why you think this franchise is a must have for their Resorts?

Johnny Rockets has a great market appeal.  It matches or compliments the ambiance of any resort or casino and the food being offered has a universal appeal, perfect for any resort casino operator.