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Never stop improving

How would you assess the performance of the company over the past year?
Cammegh has enjoyed our most successful year in our company’s history. Our customer base is more diversified than ever before, our sales turnover is higher than ever before,
with a marked increase in sales in North America, and our product range has never been more relevant to the industry as a whole. Both our live gaming and on-line offers are uniquely
adapted for these increasingly specialised sectors, and the growth we have experienced in the last 12 months reflects this.
How important is maintaining the relationship between Cammegh and the Casino operations that you supply?
It is important that we maintain as close a relationship with our customers as possible. But being a global industry this is always a challenge. But the relationships we hold are essential, as working closely with our customers we are better able to address the issues that arise day to day on the gaming floor, helping us shape our existing products as well as those we have committed to R & D. We learn a lot from working with our customers, and having a sounding board for new ideas is essential. Having the confidence and trust of our customers is the part of my job I enjoy the most.
Have you changed anything in the way the company conducts business with existing and new customers in recent years?

Not really. Cammegh is a family business, not a large corporate and I think more than anything this manifests itself in our ability to provide specific tailored solutions for our customers, including the development of new features or games. Our passion for what we do is our driving force and this always comes across in our enthusiasm to meet our customer’s specific needs. I think, however, in general terms as we grow as a business we are experiencing more and more exposure to the world of contracts, tenders and Master Supply Agreements. Our customers like to buy quality products and work with a supplier who is positive and responsive, but increasingly the way the business is done is increasingly decorous.

Marina Bay Sands is undoubtedly one of the World’s most impressive Resort Casinos, how proud are you that they are a customer of Cammegh?

Very. I make a point of visiting at least once a year. I consider it important to see the property at first hand and ensure we are positioned as best as possible to meet their on-going needs. We have worked closely with Sands Corporation at almost all of their properties and it is always a pleasure to meet the various challenges they have presented us over the years. MBS is no exception, it is one of the world’s most iconic casinos and to be associated with such a large and well-polished operation is indeed a matter of pride.
What are amongst your primary ambitions for the company in the year ahead?
We have some really exciting new products being worked on in R & D, that I would love to be ready for market during 2017. We have some major projects to complete and of course
continue to work with our customers, providing quality roulette wheels and displays together with a great service.