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Otium Casino Batumi Georgia: The Gaming Environment

An interview with Ramachander Siva, CEO Otium Casino Batumi 

One of the newest casinos in Batumi, Otium, is located in the architecturally significant high-rise building of the Marriott Courtyard Hotel. Quite quickly the casino gained popularity among local and international players, despite a harsh competition in this market. We have met Mr. Ramachandar Siva, the CEO of Otium casino.

Can you tell us about the history and background of the casino in Batumi? Why did you decide to open a casino in this city?

The development of Otium Casino & Courtyard by Marriott Batumi Hotel came in 2020, while plans were prepared and construction work started in mid 2021. Though we faced disruptions due to the pandemic and the Ukraine war situation, the completed hotel and casino successfully opened in September 2022. What was probably the largest grand opening event in Batumi, lasting over three weeks with guests from around the world, launched the property.

Image: Ramachander Siva, CEO of Otium Casino Batumi, Georgia

What types of table games are available at your casino and which are played more actively?

Otium offers a regionally popular variety of poker games such as Russian, Novo, Ultimate and Three Card Poker. Coupled with roulette and blackjack games, Otium also offers baccarat, sic bo, and Teen Patti tables to cater for Asian players. The most popular games are roulette and all four types of house-banking poker variations.

Could you tell us about the variety of slot machines offered at your casino? Which slot machines are more popular with the players?

Otium offers the greatest variety of electronic gaming machines among all casinos in Georgia. Apart from the highly popular EGT slot machines, the Apex and IGT machines are in high demand, while the Zitro, Novomatic, and Merkur machines have had their niche players.

What sets your casino apart from others in the city?

Otium focuses on the gaming environment. The modern, high-tech interior design is backed by an impressive, fully automated, air-and-light-quality- management system, for the comfort of the players. Players enjoy a clean and smoke-free gaming experience. Otium also offers unique dining options through its sophisticated Black Sea menu at the Kyma Restaurant. Otium is a gaming product that meets the discerning needs of both the regional and Asian market through its management team, which has vast experience in Asia. Our brand retains its image of a VIP casino through high limits and exclusive VIP services for international high rollers.

We are the only operator in town to own and manage the hotel – Courtyard By Marriot Batumi, to provide a seamless resort experience for our guests and players.

Do you have any regular shows or entertainment events that guests can enjoy?

We have regular weekend entertainment featuring a popular dance troupe and have invited popular local, Turkish and Israeli singers. Major events are held once a month.

How do you ensure a player-friendly environment and excellent customer service?

It is important that we have an experienced PR and VIP services team first and foremost to give personal attention to our guests. This is backed by a loyalty program that offers complimentary services and a reward program. We cater to all sorts of culinary requests with an open menu system, to satisfy a variety of nationals. And most importantly, Otium has in place a service quality policy that prepares team members to serve at the highest level.

Are there any special promotions or loyalty programs that visitors should know about?

Otium offers one of the best discount programs in town and slot club players enjoy bonus kickbacks for weekly play.

How do you see the casino market in Georgia and in Batumi in particular?

Particularly, for Batumi, the market is defined as ‘border-casino market,’ thus the success depends on access through borders and economics of attracting players from the neighbouring countries such as Turkey, Israel, Russia, and the Middle East. Regional economic growth and demand for leisure will be key to Batumi’s casinos. Predictable linear growth is expected for maturity in five to six years. Greater connectivity, higher quality of hospitality offerings and development of infrastructure is required to attract quality players to Batumi.

What are the challenges here in this market?

The cost of table permits and licenses to operate casinos. Unregulated or uncoordinated commission schemes for players. And winter-season air connectivity.

Could you share any plans for future expansions or enhancements to the casino?

As we are a new property, our plan is to continue to work on improving our services, marketing and operations management.

***  This exclusive interview for was originally published in September 2023 in Casino Life Magazine ***