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The Return Of The Classic Cellphone

The Return Of The Classic Cellphone

Nokia 3310, a name that was once synonymous cellphone. The original mobile phone so to speak. This device that might as well be credited with pushing mobile phone penetration. Although other telecommunications giants also had cheap, reliable and easy to use phones. But none of them had all those all these elements rolled in one. Nokia went on to become the largest vendor of mobile phones riding on the back on this model and many other phones designed around the model. 17 or so years down the road what has caused the return of the classic cellphone? After Nokia had nearly disappeared from the market as a mobile phone brand. And yet the brand resurfaces with one of the best-selling phones of all time.

Will This Model Be Another Cellphone Dynamite?

Yes, the 1st model was dynamite. In all aspects of the word. It literary revolutionized the way that cellphones were supposed to look and behave. From that phone onwards portability, usability and resistance to destruction become key features in mobile phones. But we are not sure if the new Nokia 3310 will be compatible with online casino games.

The new phone has many of the elements that made the first model a success. The battery will stay on standby for more than three weeks. Like the original is simple to reassemble after a normal fall. It has great network reception capabilities for those times you go rural. Even in the return of the classic cellphone the manufactures have tried to keep the devices as affordable as possible.

As a modern device the latest Nokia 3310 has basic internet connectivity capabilities. So the feature phone will allow you to check you mail for your real money online casino bonus such as www.sunvegascasino.com. But you cannot play multi-million dollar real money progressive jackpots on the phone. Well, unless the phone becomes so popular that online casino game developers make games that are accessible on that platform. That’s exactly what a small dynamite would do.