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Why is Online Betting so Addictive?


When we think of gambling, our brains immediately conjure up images of flashy and extravagant casinos, with cards, spinning wheels, boards and dice, and other glamorous images. The days of traditional casinos have gone, and a new form of betting and gambling has emerged. It is none other than online betting. The online betting industry is growing at a break-neck pace and is expected to be worth 94 Billion USD by the end of 2024.

Why is online betting so popular? Is it because it is convenient? Is it because safety is ensured? Maybe it is because online betting simple fun, exciting and easy. You can try various games like Roulette, we played it online at: mansioncasino.com/new-zealand/roulette/, and we can confirm how addictive it is—look at us, still talking about it! Although talking about such games is altogether another discussion. Let’s focus on the heart of the matter here. So, without further ado, here are a few of the major reasons online betting is so popular and addictive and is taking over traditional casinos.

  1. Convenience

How many of us can go to Vegas, or some similar place, buy our way into a grand casino and actually expect to win? Casino gambling and betting was always restricted to the wealthy, upper class, older crowd, ones with enough time and money to be able to afford such an expensive venture. Online betting on the other hand? Easy and less time-consuming. All you need to do is log onto a site, whenever you want (make sure it’s a reliable one), place a bet after depositing funds via online payment, and go back to whatever you were doing.

All that excitement, exhilaration, and of course, victory, right from the comfort of your own sofa. In fact, it is believed that this is the primary reason behind the massive popularity of online betting. Now that online betting can be done on smartphones, a new target audience of 18-34 has become interested, as these are the people always on their phones.

         2.  Safety

You may be worried about websites suddenly packing up and vanishing with your hard-earned deposited money. Fear not, online betting is very safe (if you find a reliable platform like the one we have reckoned above). Most betting sites are actually legal, they have licenses and regulations. They have to follow certain rules and meet certain standards.

These betting sites are legitimate business enterprises and have 100% safety guarantee. It's their responsibility to look after your personal details and information, and keep your deposit safe. Moreover, it's simply very easy to figure out which websites are not safe. A little bit of research reveals the untrustworthy websites in an instant. Any website that has a legitimate license from an official body can be considered trustworthy.

Moreover, online betting sites makes the use of online payment methods, like BitBook and cryptocurrencies. The increased transparency is very appealing to new as well as old masses. It simply increases the trust between parties, and makes them more likely to come back. This very reason of safety and security makes online betting far more appealing and addictive than traditional casinos.

       3.  Perks

Online betting websites want to increase the number of customers, and they also want their old customers staying with them. How do they keep everyone happy? After all, legitimate business enterprises need satisfied customers. Well, one simple way to do this is provide perks. These are additional bonuses provided to customers to incentivize them to continue betting on the same website. Things like free bets, bonus deposits, free credits are simply things to attract new customers, to give them a glimpse of how addictive betting is at a low cost or for free, so that they eventually come back later. Of course, older customers to need to be kept around, and this is done by offering bonuses on deposits, some websites even doing it every month. There are several other creative ways websites provide perks, albeit with certain terms and conditions. These are things traditional casinos do not provide you with. This customer-friendly approach is what makes online betting far more attractive and addictive than traditional casinos.

The interesting psychology behind gambling is the brain’s reward system. The reward system essentially releases a large amount of dopamine during pleasurable activities which causes euphoria and happiness. Betting has this effect on the reward system, similar to these activities, but at least 10 times the intensity. This is something that online betting provides. Online betting has higher odds, the higher the odds, the better the return. You can simply open up different gambling sites, look for the best odds, and place a wager. The greater reward, stimulates our brain ever more, making online gambling more addictive than ever.