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Zitro exceeding all objectives and global growth expectations


                                            Alejandro Ortiz

                                     A lifetime of achievement


Chris Sanson speaks to Johnny Ortiz President Zitro

I would like to commence our interview with congratulations  to you and your father  for yet another award, presented at the opening of this year’s Fer Interazar where  Alejandro Ortiz’s professional career has made him a deserving winner of the “Lifetime Achievement” award.

Thank you on behalf of my father and from me as well. I have to say it’s really an honour to receive the recognition of the sector after so many years of hard work.

How was 2013 for the company?

2013 was marked by the major commercial records we reached worldwide, which exceeded all our objectives and expectations thanks to the great professionalism of the whole Zitro team. We have consolidated our position around the world in the countries where we do business and we have also opened up new markets.

What would you say are the main benefits that gaming operations get from partnering with your organisation?

There is no doubt that Zitro is the technological partner which will ensure great success in all the places in the world where it is present. The difference between Zitro and other companies stems fundamentally from three pillars: technology as our mainstay, an original, quality product, and great business solvency. Taking that as a starting point, I can say that in recent years Zitro has become an undisputed leader in the video bingo category, with games which have become a model to follow in terms of fun and entertainment.

Earlier this year Zitro launched its game app World of Bingo for Facebook how was it received by the social media networks and can you explain to our readers what is involved with this new app that can also be accessed online at www.worldofbingo.com.

In April, Zitro launched World of Bingo, its game application for Facebook which has received an enthusiastic welcome from the public on social networks since the launching. World of Bingo has the latest technology in social gaming and its own gamification motor to transmit Zitro’s most successful  video bingo games to all the markets around the world via Facebook and the social networks.

3D Interactive that brings three dimensional graphic sound and character to the game continues to be at the forefront of game development at Zitro that can be seen with the recent launch of Jack & the Beans.

Zitro has created an innovative 3D development motor for cutting-edge technology games which has incorporated into its latest generation games. Jack & The Beans is the new game incorporating this 3D motor. It is a stake in the future which brings the most spectacular graphics, sounds, three-dimensional characters and interactivity in latest-generation devices to the video bingo world.

This has placed Zitro firmly in a new era of interactive 3D machines which cements its position as a technological leader in the video bingo sector. We are always thinking of ways of offering users the chance to enjoy a gaming experience which has never been seen before in our sector.

The popularity of the VLT and games based the Zitro Server continue to prove popular World Wide especially as the appeal of the  Blackwave cabinet.

Zitro’s technology is designed to offer our customers the finest offer of games remotely, with the download of those games which are best adapted to the needs of each customer and optimise the profitability of their room. This optimisation is made possible by the latest generation tools which Zitro technology has at its disposal to monitor, analyse and manage the games and any incident encountered in each machine and each room in real time.

The recent launch of Cash Bonus, the new system for accessing Zitro’s community games , can you explain to our readers the benefits gained with this new service.

Zitro has developed a new system for entering the new Air Cash, El Botín and El Salpicón community prizes in which you don’t need to accumulate points. All you have to do is play, and the Cash Bonus is activated on the game screen to give direct access to the draws. This new way of accessing Zitro’s community games significantly increases participation in them, adding much more emotion to the game and offering customers more chances to win prizes.

Recently Zitro gained another impressive installation in South America were the organisation continues to increase market share.

The key to Zitro’s success, in Latin America and the rest of the world, has always been the fact that we offer to the market products of great quality, which are adapted to the tastes of the players in each of the countries where we are present. This is made possible by the fact that we have the full support of Zitro’s R&D&i team, which is continually improving the games to adapt them to the particular features of each market.

In early March Zitro celebrated its 8th Millionth web visitor which is a very impressive amount.

That’s true. Zitro is also a leader in online gaming, and has reached the record of eight million visits to its online game website in the “for fun” mode. Zitro’s online game website has been active for more than two years, and in that time its games have achieved great success, comparable to the success the same games have achieved in gaming rooms around the word.

With the half way mark passed for 2014 what have been the highlights for you so far this year and what excites you most about the second half of the year?

This year we have reinvented ourselves and have revolutionised the world market in video bingo, launching the largest quantity and variety of new features in our history. New community games, new functionalities available for all the games and, of course, new games. All of this makes up “ZITRO REVOLUTION 2014”, which will be implemented progressively in the different markets.