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The 2022/23 NFL Season Set to Be the Most Bet on Ever

As the 2022/23 NFL season is underway, a lot is happening in the States. The teams are facing each other, and there are both winners and losers so far. But the league is far from over as many more matches will come.

NFL fans are rooting for their favorite teams from the comforts of their homes. Bettors enjoy the league on various online sportsbooks. A lot more states allow online sports betting, which is why this season of the NFL is the one that will get the most bets so far. Sites like mobileusbetting.com offering reviews and guides on all legal US sportsbooks, will give you an insight into the situation. And so will this article.

The Sports Betting Situation in the US

The situation with betting on sports in the US is much better than it was in the early stages. The PASPA of 1992 didn’t legalize betting on sports, but the states that already offered it, like Nevada, Oregon, Delaware, and Montana, were exempt from that act.

As time passed, various states started changing their minds about sports betting. That’s why so many casinos have a sportsbook that lets bettors come in and enjoy their favorite sports games and place bets without a problem.

Certain states decided to vote on the decision to legalize online sportsbooks. Some choose to go for that, while others decide to remain against it. Either way, there are more states in the US now than before. Some states that offer online betting on sports include Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, and others.

Despite them, certain states are considering legalizing online and offline betting on sports. In contrast, other ones like Alaska, California, Idaho, and others have not changed their minds and don’t offer betting on sports in any form.

The bettors that live in the states that offer online sportsbooks can place bets on the upcoming NFL matches. As mentioned before, the season is far from over, so it doesn’t hurt to look at the situation so far.

NFL Betting Odds

So far, the favorites for winning the Super Bowl are the Buffalo Bills. This is because they managed to sign Von Miller, and this man will improve the team’s defense drastically. They can be had at +650, but this isn’t the only team that bettors need to keep an eye on.

Like them, the Kansas City Chiefs also beefed up their defense when they got Skyy Moore. The Green Bay Packers did alright in the drafts, and they may not have some big names on the team, but Aaron Rodgers will have something up his sleeve. The Chiefs come with odds of +1000, and the same odds can be found for the Packers.

The Titans come with a solid receiver this season, but their offense is something that could use a bit of work. Still, the Titans come at odds of +3000 and up. Besides these teams, bettors should also keep their eyes on teams that may not have done so well in the Draft but can make their way to the top. The Jets and the Steelers are two such teams. The Jets come at odds ranging from +12000 upwards, while the Steelers come with odds of +7000 and more.


There is still a long way to the championship stages of the NFL 2022/23 season. The teams will continue putting their best foot forward whenever they play against their opponents. It all comes down to the most prepared team as this is the team that will walk away with the prize.