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2nd Annual Grand Dragon Master Baccarat Championship at Marina Bay Sands






After hosting the highly successful run of 1st Annual Grand Dragon Master Baccarat Championship, Marina Bay Sands will be conducting the 2nd Championship finals with a similar format this year. 

The 1st Annual Grand Dragon Master Baccarat Championship was the world’s biggest Baccarat event ever held at Las Vegas Sands’ worldwide properties. Last year, a total of 12 separate tournaments across seven different casinos on two continents with a total prize pool up to US$12 million and 30,000 participants. It was the gaming industry‘s largest Baccarat event in terms of the number of properties and participants involved. For this year, it returns with an identical format as last year's. 

With the upcoming grand finale to take place from 12-14 Dec, the Championship showcases the immense size and scope as a global undertaking for Las Vegas Sands.