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5 traits of quality Australian online casinos


The UK Market is by far one of the biggest gambling markets around, however a new market is emerging, and that is the Australian Market. Although harsh regulations dominate the scene, the market is becoming a dominant one, a competitive industry and the gambler is taking notice. Let us have a look at what traits to spot when looking at an Australian casino, and why you should start considering an Australian site as you next home. There is loads to discuss, but the points below will summaries some of the key points that stand out.

             1. All the best Australian pokies

As new Australian online casinos emerge, the competition rises and casinos set the bar high. The gambler always looks for the best deals, the best sites with the most profitable games and of course the best RTP across the board. One site can have a monopoly; however, the more Australian online casinos emerge, the bigger the competition to get the players to register, play and even stay. The best Australian pokies are evolving from the industry, and nowadays the gambler has a decent choice at hand.

            2. Sites that accept Australian Dollars (AUD)

With more Australian online casinos dominating our search engines, are pleased to see more sites accepting the Australian Dollar as a currency. Forget the old days where we were forced to endure harsh exchange rates. Those days are finally over, and the AUD is here to stay with sites accepting the currency. We always preach that every player reads all the small line print, and use the CS team to get more info. Asking if the Australian online casino accepts the currency is your right, so make sure that you pose questions before signing up to that lucrative welcome offer and glossy new Australian gambling site.

         3. Brands offering payments that are popular in the region

Australian Online Casino Brands are now, and shall we say finally more in touch, and more at ease offering payment methods that are accepted in the region. The Australian online casino is now very much endorsing and promoting e-wallets such as uPayCards, Transferwire, PaysafeCard, NeoSurf and even Bitcoin. The days of currency conversion fees are over dear player, and finally! Why does a player have to have to have a sizeable amount of their winnings chopped off and eaten by the exchange rates? No way! And this is why we love the new way of playing using the AUD currency. Just a small hint and tip from us before playing at an Australian online casino, read the T & C’s, ask CS and question if the Australian dollar is indeed the currency that you are playing with. You deserve every penny that you win dear gambler!

        4. Sites endorsing Responsible Gambling practices

We all know that the black market exists in each market that forms the gambling industry. When stumbling upon new Australian Online Casinos, always look for stamps that prove that the site operates on a Responsible Gambling ethos. RG means, the site will stop you if your gambling goes overboard or the site will flag up any traits that gambling is taking over your life. We suggest that you seek sites that have a Be Gamble Aware logo at the bottom, and other links that guide you if you feel that gambling is taking over your life. We all know that the good and fine thigs in life tend to have an addictive tendency, and Australian online casinos are no different. Responsible gambling practices should be adopted by your next playing field, at all times!

        5Casinos offering juicy welcome bonuses

Comparing one Australian online casino to another is no joke, but one common trend to look for in this growing market is the exciting bonuses that sites offer. As mentioned earlier, competition is now vast, and so is the demand of offering lucrative bouses. Compare these bonuses dear player, and get the best deal that your money can land. Look out for deals that include a blend of deposit matches along with a set amount of free spins. If the Australian online casinos you are looking into have zero wagering requirements attached to their welcome offers, needless to say …you have found a keeper!