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Alfastreet enjoying the 2014 and eagerly awaiting the upcoming 2015







We are approaching the end of the year 2014 which has been a really special one for Alfastreet, as we marked the 20th anniversary of the company. 20 years on top of our game, designing some of the most influential and successful gaming instruments, deservedly becoming one of the leading producers of ETG-s. It has been a wonderful and inspiring experience, motivating us all to invest our knowledge and dedication to exceed all previous efforts.

This year we attended all the major gaming exhibitions in the world, and we are very satisfied with the outcome; regardless of which show we think of - from London ICE to G2E Macau and Las Vegas, not to mention Colombia, Panama, Romania, Bulgaria and many more -  people embraced our effort to adapt our products and game designs, to come closer to our clients, offering great versatility, yet retaining untouched the pristine experience of the game. It all reflected strongly on our production line, which is always the true test for the completeness of the project.

The positive vibe from the creating process and great feedback from our customers and gaming community in general was transferred to our product range with some fascinating novelties, that quickly found the way on casino floors. In February we showed the prototypes of Royal Derby horse-racing machine and the spectacular WIKY single terminal with 32” touch screen, the biggest in the category. We consider our brand new R4 automated roulette to be a big success which has immediately proven itself and became a favorite compact machine of its kind in many parts of the world. Combined with the newly developed signage and Jackpot options it represents the ideal package for smaller venues, prestigious VIP lounges and many more. We are constantly improving our other products also and we are proud that we completed an extremely accomplished product range, led by the flagship R8 roulette.

We made progress on other areas too, we are pleased with the signing of the new distributor deal for the North American market, giving us the opportunity to focus on properly service the US. With the right support from a trusted partner we immediately achieved results, new installations are being performed, as the demand is very high. We are experiencing a steady growth on the markets of Latin America and Europe, with a concrete presence also on Asian and African markets, which show immense potential for the future.

As much as we enjoy the results of our efforts so far, we are thrilled with excitement for the upcoming 2015 – Alfastreet has established itself as the leading force in innovation and creative approach in the gaming industry and for the next year, we are preparing a huge surprise, probably the biggest since the very start, 20 years ago! All the departments have re-grouped and focused on entering a completely new sphere, departing for the first time from the field of ETG-s, on which Alfastreet is the undisputed leader and will continue to retain this title. The ICE show 2015 in London will see the birth of some revolutionary products, that will bring us in competition with many companies that were never on our field and, to be honest, we cannot wait to present our future projects to the customers, friends and  gaming community in general.

Alfastreet believes in continuous progress and evolution in all areas. The company is growing stronger thanks to all the employees, our partners and clients that we consider to be our friends and family. We feel it is a privilege to continue doing what we love and believe in for years to come, with dedication and the awareness, cherishing the success and maintaining the trendsetter role we achieved through years of hard work. We'd like to wish everybody a healthy, happy and successful December, may they celebrate sitting comfortably behind an Alfastreet machine!