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Arabic Online Casinos


No matter where we live, gambling online can be something that appeals to us. Non English casino sites are always growing in number, with new casino sites being launched regularly. This is great for those in other nations that want to play top casino games, without leaving the comfort of their own home.

Arabic online casinos are becoming increasingly popular, both in Arab nations and also further afield. This has created a whole new industry, with the first online Arabic Casino launching earlier this year. The site itself is a high quality offering, with a lot of games for players to take advantage of.

The Challenges

It’s no mean feat to be able to create a casino site for a whole new demographic, as the culture and language is entirely different. Without real knowledge of both, the casino site will be destined to fail with their new target audience. This can represent a loss of investment for the company, as they will have used a lot of funds in order to launch a new casino site.

This means that the translations on the site have to make sense and be appropriate for readers in this language. The translation for English is a bit off. Gambling game translate to gaming with game. In Arabic it's لعب قمار. This can potentially mean that more expense must be taken to use native translators.

They also need dedicated Arabic support for the chat and help options. Fortunately, this can be a lesser expense as there are many workers in these nations that are eager to work with these brands.

There are also regulatory issues to work around too. Gambling laws vary greatly from country to country, with some having lax laws and others having a strict system. The site has to be squeaky clean when it comes to their compliance with these systems, otherwise they risk a hefty fine.

We’re also more mobile now than ever, which means we want our sites to be optimised for our mobile use too. This can add another facet into our gameplay and give us the opportunity to play games in a new way. Apps for these kinds of sites have fallen out of fashion somewhat, as they require the user to download them.

In terms of currency, you’ll find that most of these casinos use Egyptian Pounds, Great British Pounds or US Dollars. As the Arab nations are so vast, these can be used to give the casino more appeal across the board. This can be deposited via a range of methods, whichever the user feels most comfortable using.

Opulent online casinos with sleek designs can really go on to make a killing within this market. Those that make casino sites that speak to the Arabic culture will go onto greater success.

This is a market that is set to continue to boom over the coming years, with the potential to overtake other casino markets in the world. Arabic online casinos are in their early stages, but watch this space.