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Are Some Luckier Than Others With Bets?

For as long as gambling has existed, there’s been the popular notion that luck plays a big role in outcomes. Although statisticians will say one’s chances of winning are fixed, pure chance seems to factor in one’s “lucky” streaks or dry spells.

The truth is that we can make our own luck. No deposit bonuses are a great way to get lucky. If you gamble online, look for no deposit bonus codes in NJ or another state.

Views on What Makes a Good Fortune

There are many aspects, including one’s propensity for risk-taking and one’s attitude. It is claimed that your star sign also plays a role. According to extensive research by online gaming provider Virgin Games, Aquarius is the luckiest sign. Libras are the least lucky. This information is based on a study of big winners over a lengthy period of time.

It’s also true that we move in and out of lucky periods, so even if you believe in astrology, you shouldn’t despair as a Libra or Sagittarius.

On Rituals and Charms

While we’re proponents of science rather than invocations to deities, personal rituals, and lucky charms, there’s no way to disregard them completely. Many people swear by rituals, rites, and certain objects they consider lucky.

According to Feng Shui, you should not gamble if you’re sitting with your back to a door or next to a window. You also shouldn’t sit near someone who’s reading a book. It’s best to sit on the west side of the room. Feng Shui also says sea salt attracts good luck, so you could keep a few grams inside your wallet.

Objects often considered lucky to gamblers are rabbit’s feet, horseshoes, four-leafed clovers, and acorns. It’s also believed you should cross your legs when making a bet and wear red.

What Does Science Say?

Seneca said luck was a combination of preparation and opportunity. According to Luck Factor author Dr. Richard Wiseman, good luck is connected to readiness to avail of opportunities and having the right attitude. If you believe you’re going to win, you’re more likely to remain motivated. You won’t quit until you get lucky. In contrast, someone who doesn’t think they’ll get lucky will not be very motivated and might give up after the first setback, no matter how small.

People who think positively when they make bets tend to be less anxious or tense than negative thinkers. Anxiety makes it hard to detect new opportunities because it disrupts our ability to notice things we don’t expect. An anxious player at a roulette or blackjack table will make fast decisions without assessing or realizing all the opportunities and potential developments, leading to a bad bet.

Confidence is Key

Researchers have found that luck correlates with confidence. This, in turn, is obtained through experience. If you want to start making better bets, practice as often as you can. Eventually, you’ll develop a winning strategy. Practicing will help lower your anxiety, as well.