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The Balkan Entertainment & Gaming Expo 2015 Preview Interview

Angel Iribozov CEO BEGE Expo chats to Peter White ahead of this year’s Balkan Entertainment & Gaming Expo

How was the 2014 BEGE Show and Eastern European Gaming Summit ?

Last year as always was successful for us. The constant developments in the industry and its regulation have always been a challenge and we have always aimed at the proper format to introduce these to the local visitors.

What is new for 2015?

Well the industry was not in stagnation during last year. There were plenty of developments in the technology and the regulation on one side and the business structuring on the other. We believe all this will be brought to the audience of the show and the summit and will help keep in touch with the latest developments.

How are delegate bookings for this year’s event going?

The demand and the interest is very high and we believe this will be one of the most interesting and promising years of these already traditional and significant events.

Can you provide visitors an insight of this year’s exhibitors to the exhibition and who they can expect to see at speaking at this year’s Summit?

As always, there will be plenty of well-known names in the industry exhibiting during the show as well speaking at the conference this year and I do not want to mention some while missing to mention others as it won’t be fair. The full programs of the events with exhibitors and speakers are listed on the sites of the Show and the Summit.

This event is also provides great networking opportunities for suppliers and operators and you’re your evening entertainment always creates a very hospitable and entertaining experience for all. Well this is part of our job and the industry itself – we believe that as part of the entertainment industry we know how to create entertainment experience.

The BEGE and EEGS have been for many years a popular must attend event for the gaming industry what do you think are the key reasons behind the success of this event?

I believe that from the very outset of this exhibition and conference, we had a vision and ambition to make them a must attend. This all comes after years of serious and hard work and constant monitoring of the developments in the industry worldwide. We always tended to be in pace with the latest developments internationally and bring these to the local and regional audience.

What aspects of this year’s exhibition and summit excite you most?

The increased interest and attendance at the show and the summit, which comes after years of constancy in providing a well organised exhibition, that meets the demands of the region over the years. BEGE and EEGS has become the benchmark event for the industry on the Balkans and Internationally. This gives us extra impetus to work towards the show and summit expansion.

For those yet to visit the exhibition and summit, what would you like to say to them as to the main reasons why this is a must attend event to add to their travel schedule.

There will be plenty of local and internationally renowned exhibitors showing the latest developments in the technology, there will be various discussions on the hottest topics in the regulation especially when it comes to regulating new technology developments and we believe that will help shaping the vision for the industry developments in the years to come. We don’t forget the networking opportunities as well.

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