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Betway Casino - Why Diverse Advertising in Igaming Matters

Betway is a global technology company with a solid reputation in offering regulated, online entertainment to include sports betting, casino, bingo, esports and poker. Launched in 2006, Betway remains a leader in the online gambling industry, always looking to incorporate the latest technologies for more innovative and interactive gaming experiences in a secure environment.

It is now standard in the igaming business for gaming apps to allow quality play on mobile phones or tablets that have been possible on PC and laptops. Offering more than 400 games, Betway Casino offers blockbuster titles within its portfolio of three-reel and five-reel slots as well as classic casino games like poker, blackjack and roulette with traditional as well as modern variants. The company also provides strong security and excellent customer service.


Different channels for a broad range of potential customers

In a hugely competitive market and an industry forecast to grow by around 11 per cent each year for the next five years, Betway Casino is using diverse advertising to attract a broad range of customers who use different platforms for different reasons. Having a single advertising platform will target only those types of people that use that channel, whether that be Facebook ads, Google, Instagram or YouTube.

Changes to advertising delivery options

Diversity is also important as advertising delivery options can change at a particular channel, particularly as igaming becomes more popular and regulation more stringent. These changes are usually made with limited advance publicity, which could have devastating effects on the company’s revenue and cause the marketing team to work under immense pressure to create another winning campaign.

Leverage the strength of each platform

With potential customers using a range of social media as well as other channels, the best advertising campaigns leverage the strengths of each platform where it makes best sense for the brand. For example, LinkedIn will not allow Betway Casino to connect with its audience in the same way that Facebook and Instagram can create business-to-customer loyalty through visual and interactive content.

Betway’s latest marketing campaign in Germany is being shown on TV, digital media, social media and in print. The first advert of its new cinematic campaign series launched at the start of the new Bundesliga season on 13 August. The campaign aims to expand the company’s profile within Germany’s now fully regulated sports betting market after the enactment of the new State Treaty on Gaming on 1 July 2021.

Build impression share

By having a diverse advertising campaign across multiple platforms that are the most effective placements, it is likely the audience will see the same promotions which builds impression share and keeps Betway Casino front and centre of their mind and makes for a much more effective advertising performance.

Compare ROI

Comparing performance across platforms improves future marketing decisions. One platform may deliver a five per cent conversion rate but without another platform for comparison, there are no facts to prove this is a good ROI. Adding another platform can provide solid data for comparison and ROI optimization. Conversion rates are not the only metrics to consider. Companies can look at optimising click-through rates or ways to decrease costs when there are more points of reference across paid media campaigns.