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Biggest Recorded Casino And Betting Winners

Winning big in Vegas or on an online casino game is every person’s dream, and for a select few it became a reality. We will be looking back (in envy) at those few we know about with our mouths wide open wishing it will be us one day, because if it happened to some, then why wouldn’t happen to us too, right?  

Just as in any gambling game such as buying a lottery ticket, betting on a sports game or even playing on Canadian casinos online, the odds will be stacked against you. There are many ways of winning big be it in a land-based casino or online casino and casino bonuses are one way of getting the chance to win big. When we look back to the year 2000, a certain waitress named Cynthia Brennan became possibly the happiest person in the world after winning a massive $34,959,458.56. That’s enough money to buy a few mansions on both sides of the Atlantic, heck why not even on both sides of the Pacific. But there are some things that money just can’t buy, as sadly, Cynthia lost her sister and then became paralyzed from her waist down when a drunk driver rammed his car onto them whilst they were driving.

Another famous winner is World War Two veteran Elmer Sherwin, who in 2005 decided to try his luck by playing a Megabucks machine at the Cannery Casino & Hotel in Las Vegas, he won $21,147,947. This follows another previous big win he made back in 1989, a meagre $4,600,000. Humbly, he decided to donate a lot of his money to the survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

All grandparents adore their grandchildren, however, very few would go as far as to place a 2500:1 bet on their grandson, aged three at the time of the wager, to predict he would go on to become a football player for the Wales football team. This happened to Peter Edwards, who was lucky to see his grandson Harry Wilson come off the bench in the 87th minute back in October 2013 for a football game between Wales and Belgium in a World Cup Qualifier. He also happened to be the youngest player to ever represent the Wales national team as a 16-year- old. His grandfather bet £50 which made him £125,000, but no doubt he was probably feeling prouder than ever to see his grandson play for Wales. 

We all remember the legendary Archie Karas, who back in 1992 epitomised a lot of our feelings by claiming lady luck was not on his side having lost $2,000,000 in a high-stakes poker game in LA. So, what do you do when you appear to have lost everything, including the hope of ever winning again, well, you head to Las Vegas with $50 and a very forlorn face. Running into one of his friends in Vegas, who just happened to loan him $10,000, he obviously has very good friends, he went to Binion’s Horseshe casino and started playing high-stakes Razz. For those that don’t know, this is an unusual poker game whereby the lowest hand wins, quite the game for someone who has just lost millions before entering the casino. Three hours after starting to play, Karas paid back his somewhat short loan back in full to his astonished friend, that lady luck was on his side again. Within three years, he was reported to be worth $40,000,000 from playing games all around Vegas. He famously almost lost everything again a few years later, that he had to borrow $40,000, which the native Greek turned to $1,000,000.

In conclusion, be it in a land-based or online based casino, winning is available to everyone and hitting the jackpot or winning steadily at poker is a feeling like no other.