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Blackjack Etiquette – How to Behave at the Blackjack Table


No matter whether it’s online or at your local brick and mortar casino spot, blackjack has always been one of the top choices for every player type. While experienced players like to boast with their skills, the simplicity of the game play and staking strategies allow beginners to feel invited to these tables just as well. However, there is more to be learned about blackjack than the game rules, and the etiquette at the blackjack table is one such thing. If you can handle learning a move or two in these three areas, you should be good to go for the first few days until you get the hang of it.


Table Behavior

The way a player treats the blackjack table they are a part of can tell you a lot about their casino personality. Starting off with approaching the table, players are advised to pay attention to the chairs available, as well as the betting circles – some players play multiple hands.

Another thing to consider is whether the casino’s policy allows players to join in a current blackjack game mid-deck, or they need to wait for the following shuffle (for example, NetBet allows the latter). While you are at it, check for the casino’s policy on buy-ins, so that you know if you have to change your cash at the table, or it’s enough to have it declared that ‘money plays’ there.

Once you are in the game play action, make sure that you don’t disrespect other players by touching your cards, if it’s a face-up game. A blackjack game played with face-down cards will allow you to touch them, but it’s preferably done with one hand, always above the table.


Player Relations

In terms of player relations, most of the blackjack etiquette simply coincides with regular social etiquette. Namely, it is very natural for players at a certain blackjack table to chat among each other, although you shouldn’t push it if the player keeps avoiding conversation. It might even be considered sabotage, as there are players who prefer to concentrate and play in order to avoid stalling the game.

With this in mind, stalling the action at the blackjack table is quite inadmissible, and novices should be particularly informed on this point. After all, many casinos offer strategy cards for those who wish to consult them, but this act shouldn’t take up more than a few moments of everyone’s time.


Dealer Relations

Just as players are able to interact with each other, a certain level of interaction is permitted between the dealer and the player. Again, it is best to consider their wishes for a conversation – if the dealer is chatty, the player could strike a conversation, otherwise, it is considered rude regardless of the fact that they are the employees.

Tipping the dealer at blackjack is another form of blackjack etiquette – there is no rule that players should do it, and should not feel obliged to it. Nevertheless, a hot winning streak could get even better if shared, based on personal preference.