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Canadian Gambling Market Begins To Flourish

It’s quite hard to find a market that has grown quite like the Canadian gambling market. Over the last few years the industry has really opened up to players and is said to be worth tens of billions. We are now at a stage where you can easily find the best online casino for Canada, sign up and play with ease.

Thanks to the C-218 bill, betting became more legalized and it massively helped the betting industry as a whole and opened up new opportunities. It allowed Canadians to experience betting in a way that is closer to home as opposed to always resorting to offshore bookmakers and casinos.

It is expected that the further openings in this market will encourage many new players to get involved and make the Canadian gambling market huge. Forecasting ahead to future years, there’s a lot of excitement for betting companies as the market has the potential to 5x over the next decade!

Despite the industry moving to be predominantly online based, which is very beneficial for players as they can have the same experience as in a land casino, except from the comfort of their own homes and also get to pick and choose from the best casino bonuses, it still hasn’t stopped some excellent land casinos developing further plans for success and strengthening their place in the market.

New Gambling Companies

It appears that many organizations across the globe have been keeping a stern eye on the US and Canada market, waiting for the time to come where they can enter and allow residents to experience their amazing betting platforms. Now the time has come and there are lots of plans in place to bring local casino brands to Canada, making players feel right at home. As it is such a big market, there will be increased competition for players and lots of options for residents to choose from. Due to the shift in the market, it seems unlikely that all of these companies will look to have brick and mortar casinos spotted around Canada and will keep everything online.

New Technologies

In order to provide Canadians with the best online gaming experience, it’s important the platforms include all the latest technologies for players. What we mean by this is looking for new ways to add gaming tech, such as virtual reality, to their platforms, enhancing the overall gaming experience. 

As of yet, we have not seen a casino do this successfully but there are lots of plans in place to get this added. It will allow players to feel like they are sitting in a casino, perhaps at an actual blackjack or roulette table, with other places, placing bets, talking but instead of actually being there, they are still in the comfort of their own homes. It is an excellent idea to drive in a new business.

Another form of technologies that these Canadian casinos will try to introduce is new payment methods, such as cryptocurrency and perhaps even NFTs. There are a selection of casinos that have already integrated the use of Bitcoin for withdrawals and deposits and we expect this to continue to be introduced on more platforms. However there are a whole host of different cryptocurrencies out there that a lot of people would prefer to use at a casino, so the next step is increasing the amount available.

As of yet, we are not able to use NFTs to gamble with, but this might change in the future. With NFTs still being relatively new and not actually being a currency, just digital art, it is harder to find a way to integrate this into a casino platform. NFTs are related to cryptocurrency though so once this has been fully established we could expect plans for NFTs to be in place.