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Casino games that can be played at home

Certainly, for any busy gambler, online casinos are very essential. As you probably know, you can play these casino games right from the comfort of your own home. Whether it's on your cell phone, tablet, or laptop. This is great, you can play and experience all the adrenaline of the casino game on your own couch. In the virtual world, when it comes to games, the offers you receive are absolutely undeniable by comparing them with offline offers. Well, you probably don't know what to play or what suits you, or how some games work, in this article you will find the most played and popular casino games played by hardcore players.

The slots

  Slots are at the top of this list, they are the most attractive by their graphics, sound, many animations but also by the easy and simple way in which they work. Just press the start button of the game, then wait for the symbols to appear on the screen that will appear with each tap and see instantly how much you have won.

  What is appealing and outstanding is that the icons are intensely colored and their jackpots are large and very attractive. Online slots are also known for the topics covered, so you have a choice. You can play a slot with fruits and sevens, you can play with an Egyptian theme, or you can even choose to play a slot in which nature makes the law. Even when it comes to new slots, the offer will certainly not disappoint you. The latest screenings after the most famous movies are looking forward to trying them, as well as those that promote the sport.


  The game of blackjack is also known as 21, it is registering a continuous increase in popularity among the big bettors. The speed with which it is played and the simple way in which this game is played contribute a lot to this. Cards from 2 to 9 are worth exactly what is written on them, those with figures being rated at 10 points. And obviously, the ace is the only one who can take into account 2 values, one of 1 or 11 points. The winning combination of blackjack is the one that collects 21 points, in this case, the player who collects these points is declared the winner. To bet, you have 4 modes, Hit, Stand, Split and Double Down, depending on the cards you have received but obviously also on the luck, you have either in life or on the day you play.


  Roulette is rightly seen as the queen of casino games, being the oldest game in the world. What is appealing about this game is the suspense created by the ball thrown by the dealer and the player waiting to see if he has won or not. There are 37 divisions on the wheel, from 0 to 36. The bets you can make on roulette are classified as inside and outside bets and obviously have different odds.

  The most valuable bet is that bet placed on a single number, bringing players a 36: 1 odds. The best known and most played roulette bets are bets considered "safe" by players, those that offer 50:50 odds. These are of several types, the color type (red and black) or the odd or even number type. The odds assigned to these bets are odds of 2, which means that the amount bet by the player will double.

Video Poker

  The game of poker has been transposed on video screens so that players can make their typical combinations at the touch of a button. The nice thing is that you are given 5 playing cards, which you can obviously use in any combination you want. You can choose to enter your winnings directly in the house or you can select from the 5, cards that are necessary to obtain a bigger and more advantageous combination. If you want to double when you want to win, you have the gamble button at hand. The most popular and preferred video poker games are Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, or American Poker, and if you want, you can make the ultimate combination of a royal flush.


  This card game could not be missed from the offer of online casinos. This game has its roots in France. With the very simple gameplay and the three bets, you can make Baccarat a fairly affordable card game. Cards and their values ​​determine the hierarchy of winning scores. As in blackjack, the cards from 2 to 9 have the value written on them, 10, J, Q, and K are worth 0 points, and the ace is rated with 1 point. You can bet on both the player and the banker. Obviously, the one who achieves the best score is declared the winner. The third bet involves a tie, ie both participants achieved the same score, a case that is less common in baccarat. The maximum score is 9, and 0 is the name of the game, this is the worst hand of this game.

  If you like these games, whether they are new or classic games, or you are a big fan of card games, online casinos offer them all with one click right from your home or anywhere else. Definitely, a game in this article caught your eye, so choose inspired and obviously, play responsibly! Of course, you will have a lot of fun.