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Casino Glossary: Common Casino Terms Explanation

There are many terminologies used while playing casino games. Understanding these basic terms is a basic step to becoming a successful bettor. We have carefully selected several most commonly used words and phrases during online and land-based casino games. 

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1. Advantage Player: a player that has gained some advantage over the casino.

2. Ante: a bet placed prior to the first hand.

3. Banker: the dealer.

4. Bankroll: the amount of money a player has to gamble with.

5. Bonus: extra cash given to a player for meeting specific requirements.

6. Card shark: a pro at card games.

7. Cashier: where monetary transactions occur at casinos.

8. Casino Advantage: the mathematical advantage casinos have over players.

9. Casino rewards: rewards offered to players by casinos based on how much they play.

10.  Chip trays: The tray used by a dealer or croupier to hold house chips.

11.  Chips: Tokens used in casinos to represent cash; they come in various denominations.

12.  Cold Streak: An extended losing run.

13.  Color up: The act of exchanging smaller-denomination chips for larger ones.

14.  Comp points: players can earn comp points and exchange them for chips, food, drinks and discounted accommodation rates

15.  Croupier: French word for a casino dealer.

16.  Cut card: a plastic card used to cut cards.

17.  Dealer: a casino employee whose job is to deal cards

18.  Degenerate Gambler: a person who gambles frequently and excessively.

19.  Download casino: a kind of casino where you will need to download the app to play.


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20.  Edge: The advantage held in a casino game mostly held by the casino.

21.  Eye in the sky: the overhead cameras used to monitor game tables at casinos.

22.  Flash casino: online casinos that allow you to play games using flash technology.

23.  Gambler’s fallacy: an erroneous belief that the outcome of a random event is influenced by previous events.

24.  High roller: a person who plays casino games for high stakes.

25.  Hot streak: an extended winning run

26.  House edge: also known as the casino advantage.

27.  House rules: rules peculiar to a certain casino.

28.  Instant casino: a casino that doesn’t require you to download the app.

29.  Jackpot: A grand prize offered for a particular outcome in a game.

30.  Layout: The surface of a gaming table where players can place their bets.

31.  Lobby: where you find all the games at an online casino.

32.  Loyalty schemes: A scheme offered to reward players for their wagering activities.

33.  Live dealer games: An online casino game played against real dealers over a live video stream.

34.  Marker: a request from a player to get credit at a casino.

35.  Non-sticky bonus: bonus offered by online casinos that can be withdrawn once the necessary requirements have been met.

36.  Payout percentage: The approximate value paid out by a casino over time and expressed as a percentage of overall bets placed.

37.  Penetration: The part of a deck that’s dealt before shuffling the deck.

38.  Phantom bonus: bonus offered by online casinos deducted from a player’s account at the point of cash-out

39.  Progressive jackpot: A kind of jackpot that increases in value.

40.  Push: a tie or draw.

41.  Reload bonus: bonus that is offered to an existing customer for making a new deposit.

42.  Shoe: The box from which cards are dealt in casinos.

43.  Sign up bonus: bonus offered to new customers when they join.

44.  VIP: A high-value player treated specially by a casino.