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Check out These Casinos in Unlikely Places

We all love having a go at our favorite casinos. And part of what makes visiting a casino so much fun is the environment. Whether we are playing games online or flying to Las Vegas, the tone and feel of the casino is an essential part of the experience.

With that in mind, here are some of the most surprising locations for casinos in the world. Each one has its own unique style that makes its location interesting.


An Oasis North of Manila

While the Philippines are increasingly known for their growing casino and leisure sector, you may be surprised to know that there is one casino resort that is an oasis just outside of the Manila metropolitan Area. You will find plenty of them that are right in the hustle and bustle, but only one that gives you peace of mind, while being so close too!

The Hann Casino Resort is special. It has incredible modern architecture, and is the first fully integrated resort north of Manila. Whether enjoying the lush green landscapes, the breathtaking terrace, or the fine dining, having such a luxurious locale near the city is truly special.

Aboard a Flight

While we are used to flying to casinos, we are not as used to flying with casinos. The Casino Jet Lounge from Airjet Designs and Designescence is just that. This passenger jet has been equipped with a full casino for the customers to enjoy.

This experience is a throwback to the golden age of flying before low-cost flights began to reduce the quality of the experience. This Casino Jet Lounge experience is truly special.

There is a space to move around freely, several table games, and a bar. This experience will allow you to socialize with other passengers, rather than listen to their crying baby. You will not be able to fly in a typical jet after this experience.

Online in the Middle East

It is more than just stereotypes that explain why we imagine that casinos in the Middle East may be a difficult venture. With prohibitions on alcohol and gambling deeply embedded in the culture, we may think that it is impossible to gamble while living in the Middle East. But there is a clever workaround to this problem: online casinos.

Check out the best casinos online available in Kuwait. These experts have reviewed them thoroughly and will not only recommend safe and reliable online betting sites, but will also show you how to sign up and provide tips for staying safe while online. They recommend casinos in Kuwait based on the range of games, customer service, security measures, and more. If you are looking to play baccarat or poker in Kuwait, this is the guide you need.

On a Train

Like the jet set experience above, there is another mobile casino on our list. The X-Train is not an action movie, but is a mobile casino that is quite literally on a train. This Las Vegas train is being renovated to the tune of $1 million per carriage and is sure to be one of the main attractions in the city of lights!

The X-Train goes between Los Angeles and Las Vegas and will even have a nightclub. This rolling party train will have televisions, drinks available for purchase, table games, and recliners. Whether you want to pump up the party energy or relax along the route, you will find what you need in this creative experience.

On a Puddle

There is a funny law in Illinois requiring all casinos to be on water. Normally, this means on a riverboat or in the great lakes. However, one casino entrepreneur got creative with this technicality.

The Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, Illinois is, despite its name, not actually on a river. They built the resort on top of a shallow body of water that did not even have a name. It was quite literally a puddle. A puddle is, technically, a body of water.

This funny little story has made this one of the state’s most popular casinos. Not only that, but its extra convenient location between downtown Chicago and O’Hare International Airport gives it an edge over its competition as well.