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Contactless payment systems in casino gaming

Using cashless and contactless payment options while playing casino on land based casino venues.

You can enjoy the whole events experience and the thrills that playing games brings with the comfort of paying for your bets with a contactless option.

Making transactions with contactless methods is a good way to pay, if the venue or your selected site approves these methods to be used.

Many land-based casinos and online casinos are catering for a large audience. Offering contactless ways to pay online and offline is a great way to tell that all players are welcome to visit the site or the venue.

How to use contactless payments

Using a contactless payment method, such as a credit card, phone, smart watch or generated payment receipt is really easy in reality. In many venues you can simply ask if they are currently accepting contactless payment methods.

If they are not accepting contactless payment methods, you can just change the venue.

After you have confirmed that the venue or you know that the venue accepts contactless payment methods, you can go ahead and start using these methods to play.

While using your method, you can also ask if you are allowed to redeem bonuses with the money deposited. This is a good thing to keep in mind, since all venues do not offer bonuses for all the available payment methods.

After you have confirmed the details about the site or venue, you can go ahead and make your payment swiftly.

Making the transaction is easy. Usually there is a QR-code scanner, or some other form of device that will read a code from your receipt. After the device has confirmed the code, it will then add the funds to the game of your choice.

The type of device used and steps to use it might vary from location to location. If you are unsure about how to complete the transaction using the contactless device, don't be shy to ask. The customer support staff is always happy to tell people how the devices are used.

Cashing out after playing without contact

When a player is ready to end their gaming session, they can simply ask for a cash out. After that, money will get back to you as a payment to the source that you had used for a contactless deposit.

One way of withdrawing your winnings can be direct bank transfer. It is a good option for players that are wanting to cash out their winnings. Instead of getting a pile of cash, the player will receive all the money directly to the account of their choice.

Methods like this are generally used both online and offline. One way it has been implemented before is with Paysafecard casino -sites. These sites can accept payments with the code, and then after cashing out they will send the remaining balance to the players bank-account or mobile wallet.