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Data centres hold all the aces for online gambling

The data centre industry looks set to cash in on the rapid growth of the online gambling businesses. With online gambling accounting for 33 per cent of all gambling in Britain, data centres with the low-latency and high uptime expected by online corporations stand to make the biggest gains. This is according to colocation provider, Aegis Data.

Between May 2015 and April 2016, the UK online gambling operators generated a Gross Gambling Yield of £4.5 billion. With uncertainty over new tax legislation for the industry and the omnipresent question of Brexit, gambling organisations need to be flexible to changes in fortunes in order to continue providing services to its customers:

“The data centre is the backbone for any online organisation but for online gambling, where businesses require maximum uptime and low-latency, it is especially important,” says Greg McCulloch, CEO of Aegis Data. “Partnering with a data centre that is able to withstand the fluctuating data and power demands placed on it by the industry, for example during sporting events, is essential to a successful partnership.”

The shifting demands placed on data centres hosting online gambling infrastructure can place the site under stress. This can be a very costly slowdown, with an estimated £30,000 per minute in lost revenue. Data centre providers must be resilient to these high stress moments with infrastructure capable of quickly cooling the servers as they heat up with the demand.

“Any data centre needs to be receptive to the fluctuating usage demands placed on it and be able to perform under the moments of high stress and usage. This, coupled with low-latency capabilities to provide seamless operations, are vital for the online gambling industry where downtime can be incredibly expensive,” says McCulloch.

About Aegis Data

Aegis Data is a provider of award winning, resilient and low cost Data Centre environments. We can significantly reduce customer’s expenditure by delivering greater cooling efficiencies across all power densities as well as having the power headroom to allow for IT consolidation and growth, future proofing our customer’s business from the start.

Aegis can house customer’s mission critical IT from a 0.5kW quarter rack to a full suite of High Performance Compute racks running at densities up to 25kW each contiguously, unique amongst colocation providers in the UK and one of the most flexible data centres in Europe. For more information, please see: http://www.aegisdata.net/