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Different types of casino bonuses

Bonuses offered by various online casinos are a standard tool used to encourage new, potential, and even regular players to keep playing. They might be of different types and granted for various actions taken at a platform, from registering to betting for a given number of times. Although their main aim is to motivate the players, and in consequence bring bigger profit to a casino, they are highly beneficial for the players themselves, too. However, as bonuses are a kind of bait, it’s important to remember not to get too captivated, dealing with addiction in gambling can be difficult.

As you already know, bonuses in online casinos are beneficial and might really improve the whole experience. Before engaging in any game, it’s worth knowing what to expect and what exactly all those types of bonuses mean. Here’s a simple guide through the world of online casino bonuses.

Types of online casino bonuses

Every online casino might have different types of bonuses for the players, or they might be simply called in various manners. In most cases, however, the majority of them have similar rules and are granted in similar situations. If you want to know more about the way bonuses work, you can use sites that list the best online casinos and explain available casino bonuses in detail, like the Arabian Betting site. You can find on it sections about advantages, calculations, or step-by-step explanations of offered bonuses and how to claim them.

Welcome bonus

It’s hard to find an online casino that does not offer any welcome bonus for new players. Usually, it’s doubling the first deposit, so how much a player gets depends on them. Its main advantage is that it allows you to bet and play in no time, even for high stakes. Welcome bonuses are also a great way to actually earn something from the very beginning. They might be granted after signing up or when making the first deposit.

Deposit bonus

This bonus type is not that different from the welcome ones, as it’s granted for a deposit. It might be even three or four times higher than the initial amount. They are usually available to motivate and engage new players to bet, as they now have enough funds to more eagerly risk it. Different deposit bonuses might be intended for different games. The lower ones are usually for use on table games, while the higher ones are sometimes available on slot machines.

No deposit bonus

No deposit bonuses are planned for new players to allow them to try out an online casino. It’s bait for hesitant beginners, who would like to try their hand at online gambling, but are not sure which one might be the best option. In order to gain a bonus, there is no need to make a deposit or give away any credit card information.

This type of bonus has, however, limits as to the amount of money granted to a player or the games on which the funds can be used. They can be intended, e.g., only for slots or jackpots. 

Free spins bonus

It’s one of the not many bonuses that are offered to the regular players more often than to the new ones. Free spins bonus is granted every time (or almost every time) a new slot machine is introduced. In order to get the game going, online casinos need to spur the players on. However, no one likes to bet their money on something they are not sure of - thus, free spins bonuses.

Loyalty bonus

Loyalty bonuses are the rewards for the regular players who choose a given casino over and over again. After a long enough time playing games, a player gets bonuses that are usually higher and more beneficial than other types. It’s easy to abuse this kind of reward, so every player should be careful.


Bonuses are a great advantage both for new and regular players, but only if they know how to wisely use them. No rewards are granted for nothing, they are all created to bring more profit. After all, it’s the player’s money that counts, so it’s worth knowing how to protect oneself and know what the online casino security provides to the gamers. Online gambling, in such a case, will be not only pleasant but also safe - and that is what’s it all really about.