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DR Gaming Techology takes you to Infiniti and Beyond!


DRGT™ launches its exclusive Tables Jackpot Arena and Continues its focus on the Player Experience at ICE 2020

DR Gaming Technology™s CEO, Jurgen De Munck, MD: Africa, Charl Geyser and MD: DRGT™ Online, Jean-Michel De Busscher talk to us post ICE 2020 Gentlemen thanks again for taking the time to talk to us; did ICE 2020 live up to your expectations?

Jurgen: Without sounding too patronising, the short answer is yes. I think we were all a little wary of what effect the current goings on globally would have on visitor numbers, and they luckily appeared to have almost none. Charl: Agreed! We had a really good Tuesday, and Wednesday in my view was the busiest day from a general ‘unsolicited’ foot traffic point of view; I unfortunately can’t really comment on the South Hall, but our North Hall was really busy.

Jean-Michel:  ICE is your key exhibition-cum-networking event each year, as the head of your Company’s Belgian distribution business what drew the most attention from your customers. Jean-Michel: As you know we have been operational in our home country now for well over a decade, and as noted when we last spoke, we remain the market leaders there by some margin. As a result, our relationships with our Belgian customers are good, as is the case with the rest of our European customers who are looked after by Christian Eder and his team based in Austria, and they more often than not remain at the forefront of much of our product development

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