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Fish Table Games: From Arcades to Online – The Rise in Fish Gambling

Fish Table Games – What Are They? 

Fish table games are arcade-style gambling games for players who like non-stop action and the potential to win big. You go underwater, take control of different guns, and try to shoot as many fish as you possibly. The more fish you kill, the more money you win back — simple. 
Normally, fish table games feature fishes of different species and sizes. Each fish has a different payout attached to it. Naturally, players tend to target the fish with bigger payouts, but they can be significantly harder to kill. This is why it’s also a good strategy to target the smaller fish if you’re looking to rack up smaller amounts of money. 
Here’s a general example of the different fish values: 
Mermaid: $20
Tiger Shark: $20
Swordfish: $10
Jungle Fish: $0.50
Catfish: $0.10
Let’s say that you fire up a fish table game on your iPhone and successfully kill a tiger shark. This means you’d win a tidy $20 — which is certainly nothing to complain about! 

Where to Play Fish Table Games 

Because fish table games have exploded in popularity, they’re now super easy to access and play over the internet. There are plenty of online casinos to choose from, so you’re truly spoilt for choice. The awesome news is that you can play fish table online with a no deposit bonus, which is handy if you’re looking to enjoy a nice bonus without depositing any of your own money. 

  •  Join the online casino of your choice 
  • Head to the fish table games section 
  • Choose the fish game you want to play 
Remember, when you’re playing with real money, you must be above the legal gambling age in your country or state. 

How to Play: Fish Table Game Controls Explained 

Playing any fish table game is very easy.
At the start, you take control of a gun. You then need to aim the gun in the direction of the fish you want to kill. Sometimes, fish games are even touch-screen friendly, which then enables you to tap where you want to shoot.
In order to fire shots from your gun, you’ll need to bet money. Of course, the more shots you fire, the more money you’ll use. However, the goal is that you make the money back (and make yourself a profit, too) by killing the fish you target. 
The cool thing is that many fish table games also offer you the opportunity to upgrade your weapons throughout the game. When you upgrade your weapons, it becomes easier to kill fish, which (in turn) makes it easier to make money. 

Let’s Wrap This Up 

Moving into the future, fish table games will continue to skyrocket in popularity. 
With an influx of players from both the American, Asian, and European markets, it’s likely that online fish games will become just as – if not more – popular than the likes of slots and blackjack
So, if you’ve yet to give them a try, hop on a fish table game today and try to kill as many fish as you can. Good luck!