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The future and evolution of the iGaming industry


The iGaming industry is very competitive and that’s why casinos always want to be in front of each other. Being innovative and responsive to new developing technologies is very important nowadays, and that’s how new casinos should be if they want to be the first chosen. Of course, one of the innovations was the development of casinos to make them available for mobiles and also the live games, which changed the casinos.

Live games have been an amazing addition to casinos, since it’s possible to play from home but have a taste of physical casinos which is definitely great. This makes all the difference for those who have to have a distinct experience, since that isn’t very ordinary.

Nowadays what has been discussed is augmented reality, which gives online casinos a new way to expand their offers to their members. Plus, it’s a very different type of game and it might add a new value to these types of casinos.

Augmented Reality Casinos

You may have heard of augmented reality before or even may have experienced it with another games. It basically it’s your reality and new elements are added to it, with virtual elements. When it comes to online casinos, this technology could mean a whole new range of new feature and it could combine the live gaming as well. Basically, what would result from this would be an incredible experience that’d be very interesting for players.

“With each step forward in the digital revolution, “The Matrix” becomes less like fiction and more like reality” which means that everyone can use augmented reality nowadays and online casinos can use it too. So, basically, soon you’ll be able to join some other people and play a realistic virtual game. You can bring the dealer home or wherever you choose, and there’s the possible to play with others players.

But there’s much more than that. With augmented reality, players will have the possibility to have a 360-degree experience and turning their head around will reveal details such as casino staff, other tables, and other games. When it comes to realism, augmented reality is definitely what you want to try since there’s nothing like it.

When it comes to this to become true then there are some things to overcome in order to actually online casinos to have augmented reality games, but this is very close to becoming true. There’s only the need to work on these obstacles and then this technology will become an excellent experience at any online casino.

Problems with augmented reality for now

The first problem with augmented reality by now is still the hardware. Players will need to use glasses or another type of headset which is needed to create the experience and that needs to be created, but that is very early in development. There are some models, but they’re not even mainstream.

Some problems exist regarding the software since there’s the need to develop operators and also games for augmented reality. This isn’t very difficult, but time is needed and many people aren’t ready for that yet.

Augmented reality nowadays

The year 2018 has gone by, leaving some intensive growth records in the field of Augmented Reality.” It’s only expected that augmented reality becomes a part of the industry of online casinos - as described on CasinoSverige - pretty soon and that it conquers it to make it possible for players to play with it. This is really innovative and it can be really good. It’s definitely a huge advantage since it’s possible to have an amazing experience.

It might take some years, but augmented reality will definitely be a part of online casinos. In the meantime players have the opportunity to play live games.