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A global identifier for both the online and land-based gaming industry has landed

Launched towards the end of 2018, Fastplay is taking the gaming world by storm. Fastplay is a global identifier for the gaming industry, both online and land-based, a unified global identifier for a player which is brand and jurisdiction agnostic. A platform that allows players to register once, fill in all their KYC details once and then be able to login and play with any brand that has subscribed to Fastplay.

Fastplay provides players with the ultimate experience. It is the only technology to date that has unified the KYC aspect as well as the responsible gaming aspects from a player perspective. It avoids players the headache of having to remember their login and password details for various brands, they can set their preferences on limits of gaming activities, spend and self-exclusion, and also have the comfort and peace of mind that all their KYC data is centralised in one location. The platform allows players to update their data once and be able to push it to all brands they play with.
Fastplay is the first concept on the global market that brings together the online and land-based community to offer the player a single combined experience and a true platform for managing gambling addiction and over-spending issues. The platform provides the player with full control across any gaming operator both if they are playing online or if they happened to walk into a casino. A unified experience that allows them to monitor their spending across the globe.
Fastplay also offers operators major benefits when it comes to regulatory challenges through it’s unique identification system. In their efforts to minimise lost conversions, operators struggle with trying to reduce the amount of data that is asked of players, in many cases, to the detriment of risk. This is now a long-gone issue with Fastplay as a player can register once and start playing in three simple clicks. Fastplay also allows for faster re-activation as players do not need to remember old account details.
Also unique to Fastplay is the community of players which enables the operators to share and flag anomalies and suspicious behaviour on the part of a player, globally. Not only suspicious behaviour but also verification patterns on subjects, allowing them to vet risk on players from day one rather than having to discover it when it’s too late.
In a nutshell, Fastplay is the global identifier which creates the most advanced player experience whilst ticking the boxes for regulatory requirements globally – across brands, across jurisdictions and across online and land-based communities. 
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