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Is Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live About to Shake up the Slots Market?

Evolution Gaming Group looks set to continue its astonishing rise to the pinnacle of the online casino industry with its new concept for live slots. It was only a few months ago that the industry giant completed the takeover of well-known slot developer NetEnt for €1.8 billion, and now it is looking into ways to maximise the potential of the incredible games from the Swedish studio that it has at its disposal. The first example of this is the release of a live offering based on the hugely popular slot, Gonzo's Quest.

One of the First Instances of Blending Live Casino and Slots

Slots have long been the most popular games at online casinos, and this is where big companies have been able to forge success. However, the live casino genre is getting harder to ignore. It is growing in popularity every year thanks to the immersive games on offer. Evolution Gaming has been at the forefront of live casino, and it has helped this form of game achieve its current notoriety. The company has realised that the time is right to bring slots and live casino together and create a revolutionary offering.

In the early days of live casino, the main games available were classic tables like roulette and blackjack. But this has expanded massively in the years since then, and there are now games like Crazy Time and Monopoly Live which are designed to attract a wider audience. This has opened the door to adapting slots in the live casino market. There have been some instances of live slots already, but the new offering from Evolution Gaming is likely to attract the most attention.

Evolution Gaming's new live game that could shake up the industry is Gonzo's Treasure Hunt Live. The marketing around the title focuses on how it combines live casino and slots, and that it is one of the first of its kind. The fact that it uses the iconic NetEnt character, Gonzo, is likely to draw a lot of players in and pique their interest. Indeed, this could be the best way to bring loyal slots fans over to live casino.

The Game Also Brings VR and AR into Play

The great thing about Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live - and the reason why it could revolutionise the online casino industry - is down to the fact that it also brings some other important technology into play. Evolution Gaming has billed this as “the world’s first online game show with a virtual reality mode.” This means that it will be using virtual reality, a technology that has long been expected to shake up online casino games. Players will have the option to put on a virtual reality headset and physically wager on the games, adding to the overall immersion levels.

That isn’t all. The game also makes use of augmented reality technology, another concept that is projected to achieve huge things. It does this by having Gonzo appear in the game as an AR projection. Having the legendary character in full view of everyone playing the game will help add to the magic of the experience.

Could be the Start of a Franchise Model Across Casino Offerings

Slots have always been great additions to the general franchise model of brands. Over the years, they have become common releases alongside blockbuster films. When people log on to sites like VegasSlotsOnline to find out where to play real money slots online, a lot of players will choose something that is instantly recognisable and familiar. This is why aggregator sites tend to recommend the most famous options when they discuss the best casinos at which people can play. Of course, they also go into details about the bonuses available, and a casino’s overall rating. Still, familiarity plays a huge role in helping people choose which slots to play.

Sometimes slots have been used to help market television series or films and have been released beforehand to help raise awareness. Other times, slots have been made based on classic films because developers know their iconic status will draw people into playing them. Slots are part of a franchise model that also includes mobile and console games, and aims to spread the word to as many different demographics as possible.

Now this franchise model could be seen within the casino industry itself. It can be used as a way to take players from one genre of game to another. For example, some players will only log on to online casinos to play slots, and these people need a good reason if they are to stray elsewhere. If they see their favourite characters represented in other types of games, it could be enough to lead them to try something new. Some players may also be looking for an original way to enjoy their beloved slots and would welcome innovative options.

Which Other Slot Games Would be Popular as Live Options?

Gonzo’s Quest is easily one of the most famous slot games on the market, and it was a no-brainer for Evolution Gaming to choose this as the game they repurposed for live casino. There are a few other classics out there that different companies may try to adapt in the same way.

Microgaming is the brains behind some of the best-known slots in the world. It is hard to choose one or two from the developer as there are so many great ones, but Mega Moolah or Immortal Romance could both be good options to turn into live games.

There are a few other slots out there that could be considered just as iconic with their developers, perhaps, eying up the opportunity to create live offerings as well. These include titles like Book of Ra, The Dark Knight, and Cleopatra.

It feels as though the online casino industry has needed a major development for some time, and this new slots and live casino hybrid from Evolution Gaming could be it. The company has an incredible history of starting trends in the online casino scene, and Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live looks set to do that again.