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Progressive bonuses are always on the list of online casino promotions. Especially the loyal customers are those who have a rather lively and lively player account. To them often the online casino is addressed directly, by email or phone, to offer special progressive bonuses, designed especially for them.

The progressive bonus is a so-called bonus in steps: the more you play, the more the bonus becomes interesting and generous.

Let's immediately give an example of a progressive bonus an online casino aams could propose a bonus of 10 euros to reach 1000 euros of bets; a second bonus of 20 euros upon reaching a volume of episodes of 2000; a third bonus of 50 euros when the total bets have reached 5,000 euros.

Analyzing this example we can already define which elements characterize the progressive bonus and answer some spontaneous questions on the topic:

Are you a regular player?

Game requirements are important, challenging; only those with a remarkable playing position can support them. All those players who play roulette or slot machines from time to time or just for fun are not the natural recipients of progressive bonuses.

What are the time limits?

The necessary game requirements, the total volume of bets required to unlock the various stages of the promotion, must be achieved within a pre-established time. You have to have it well in evidence to understand if you are able to reach it.

What do you mean by wagering requirements?

Speaking of 2000, 3000, 5000 euros of betting could impress some new player. In reality, with total volume of bets, it is also meant to reinvest winnings in further bets. I'm certainly not all money coming out of your pocket: in large part the amount is also made up of winnings. For those who play frequently and consistently, perhaps using systems or methods, figures of this type are absolutely no shock!

Which games are allowed?

When we talk about promotions, of any kind: with deposit, free, without deposit or, in fact, progressive, we must have in mind what games are involved in the promotion. In those for free without deposit, for example, roulette is always excluded; as well as in these progressive ones, with the addition of the slot machine doubling option. Why? The roulette gives the possibility to bet on red and black at the same time; who does not win anything, it is clear, but moves a good amount of bets. With the slot machine's doubling feature the speech is slightly different: it's a dry bet, which you can lose but also win, by making the bet volume go up very quickly.

Is the progressive bonus for you?

In reality it will be above all the online casino aams itself to decide it. In fact, the best progressive bonuses are exclusive and personalized. If you are a valuable and loyal player, besides being fond of it, the casino staff will contact you by email offering you a nice progressive promotion.

Progressive bonuses of VIP programs

Even the VIP program, dedicated precisely to loyal customers, offers many progressive opportunities. What must be said is that a so-called VIP client is really facilitated and courted with promotions: travel, show passes, faster payments, higher payouts and much more. So ultimately the judgment on progressive bonuses is certainly positive: they are the best promotions ever, especially if they are sewn on to the characteristics of the individual player. Becoming a VIP customer or a loyal and frequent player is another matter. Let's just say, summarizing, that these promotions are the best, but they are not for everyone!