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How Online Gambling Switched from Desktop to Mobile

Without a doubt, the mobile industry has taken over the world during the last decade. We’ve gone through taking actions in seconds, whereas in the past they would take hours. The mobile revolution has changed everything we know about paying taxes, ordering food, calling a taxi, and even about the gambling industry.

Long gone are the days where you had to be at home or in the casino to enjoy cashing in a jackpot. Today, mobile devices allow players to take the casino with them, wherever they go, inside their pockets. The gambling industry evolved alongside the mobile one and continues to go up in earnings every year. Many people have wondered why everyone is switching towards mobile, and today we’re going to look at the reasons.


Optimizing the mobile experience was vital when switching from desktop to mobile, and the developers knew it. This is why all the gambling experiences are tailored to be as easy and intuitive as possible. What then took a minute, now takes a second. What required a lot of mouse clicks, now only takes two taps. This meant that a lot of time could be saved in order to enjoy the experience and earn more.

Being one of the main reasons the mobile gambling industry is thriving, convenience has been the number one key to success to gather new players. While at first, you needed to download most of the games, nowadays every game can be played from your mobile browser which means you no longer have apps that occupy precious space and having to wait in order to download an app is rare.

More Features       

With the introduction of mobile platforms, the jump in features was what experts define as a new generation of advantages and fun implementations. Now, players are able to check their results in a matter of seconds, participate in flash events that are being held every hour, and be notified immediately when new experiences were open, all with just a swipe.

Did you know that many casinos are offering various bonuses for users who sign up using their phone or tablet? Keep an eye out for those the next time you play. Whether you are a professional or casual player, you sure could benefit from free spins and free cash bonuses without deposit.

Feel & Look

Without a doubt, everybody can agree that the best way to gamble other than stepping inside a casino is through mobile devices. All your favorite slots are already optimized and enriched to look and feel great in your palms. Many slots even have new features that are not present on their desktop counterpart and they do make a difference. Imagine how small a roulette wheel has to be so that it can fit entirely, with all its chips and dealers included, in your pocket. Thanks to the magic of smartphones and tablets, we no longer have to imagine that.

Also, keep in mind that there are some online slots that are only available for mobile devices, you can learn more about them reading the best online casino reviews at Casino Proper.   


The best software providers will always ensure that their best titles have a good version to play on mobile. For example, they will adapt the size of the buttons so that you can read the text on them and be able to press them with your finger, get graphics on par as in the desktop version without slowing down your phone. Luckily, there are hundreds of great slots adapted for mobile casino apps available right now.

With that being said, whether you play on Desktop or Mobile, the great thing is that both platforms offer a great array of gambling opportunities that are designed for every type of player.