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How to spot a good mobile casino in five easy steps


Mobile technology has touched nearly every area of our lives. Our smartphones and tablets are like our personal assistants. From remembering important dates to managing our health - smartphones and tablets have revolutionised our lives.

And the same goes for casino gaming. There's no need to chain yourself to a desktop PC anymore to enjoy some gambling fun. And this is all thanks to mobile casinos. But what factors make a good mobile casino? Let's take a look.

#1 Design is key

We're not talking about how pretty the casino looks: we're talking about functionality. Is it a fun site to use? And most importantly: can you find all the games you want to play? You want to be looking out for quality of life features like categories and easy to use menus. Some mobile casinos will go even further and give you options to star your favourite games for easy access later.

#2 Games galore

While you may gravitate towards certain slots - there are always those moments when you feel like playing something else. And that's why it's always good to have as much choice as possible. Take a look at Mayfair Casino for example; you will find over 400 slots from some of the world's top developers. A selection like this will keep you entertained for hours, days and maybe even weeks.

#3 Service and support

Let's face it: things can go wrong. Bugs can occur at any time - and they can spoil your mobile gambling experience. In these moments, an attentive and understanding support team is a valuable asset. Many brands nowadays will have live chat available at the site every hour of the day. And this is perfect if you have a quick question or need some urgent help.

#4 App available? Even better

Most mobile casinos will require no extra software or apps to enjoy the site. In fact, many brands only have an instant play casino available via your device browser. But there are some rare sites that will have specialised mobile apps. Why use these apps over their browser-based cousins? For one thing, they are usually a bit quicker. You can also expect to find some exclusive content only available via the app. This could be in the form of exclusive offers, games or even bonuses. And speaking of bonuses...

#5 What bonus can you get

A bonus shouldn't be your first priority when looking for a new mobile casino. But if you like two similar brands, then you can use the bonus as the decisive factor. Ideally, you should get the most bang for your buck when looking at bonuses. We would advise that you do also factor in the bonus terms and conditions. You want to be paying attention to the clauses around wagering and withdrawals in particular. Even though a bonus might seem bigger and more lucrative, the terms could really make the wagering process a painful experience.