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The igaming industry challenged to become “greener”


The minds behind casinoaward.net have launched a challenge for all the key players within the igaming industry. The name of the initiative is “Bet On 0GREEN”. Casinoaward.net is a rather new site that focuses on online casino topics, such as bonuses and promotions, responsible gambling, and industry news. The challenge they have launched is quite unique, since it deals with renewable energy.

You must be asking yourselves what the iGaming and the green energy sectors have in common. According to the project creators “the idea behind the 0GREEN project is to challenge all those who work within the online gaming sector to actively engage in tackling environmental issues making use of renewable energy”. An interview with such creators describing the initiative in detail can be found here.

Bet On 0GREEN, which stands for Bet On Online Gambling with REnewable Energy, aims at raising environmental awareness within the igaming sector in order for it to reduce the impact that the technologies used by industry sites exert on the environment.

Anyone can take part in the initiative by performing actions that reduce carbon emissions both directly, for example investing in providers employing green energy, or indirectly by making donations to organizations that promote environmental awareness.

CasinoAward.net will then publish all the actions undertaken by the operators involved in the project. We do hope that the igaming sector will embrace this initiative and will do its best to help save the environment for the generations to come.