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Impact of Germany’s new regulations on both licensed & unlicensed casinos

With an ongoing surge in the number of online casino players, the new Germany Interstate Treaty on Gambling (ISTG) will have a heavy impact on licensed casinos. While the recent amendment or regulations would relax certain restrictions on licensed casinos, it might impact the unlicensed casino market.

In this article, you will traverse through the impact of Germany’s new regulations on the entire online gambling space. 

H2 - What is a licensed casino in Germany?

According to the online gambling laws in Germany, some game of chance falls under being legal and some don’t. A licensed casino in Germany means that any online casino that holds the license of German authorities and adheres to the rules set by them. Though the new laws are still awaited to come into force by July 1, few have started being practiced.

As per various reports and experts, the conditions or new amendments will be more precise and turn strict on the licensed casinos. Still, licensed casinos in Germany face a state of flux - where a lot of restrictions are into practice, such as Darmstadt sports betting licenses.

Bookmakers and casino operators hope that the new regulations wouldn’t turn out to be more strict or peculiar than before. 

H3- What is a casino without a license in Germany?

One needs to break the myth because many people believe that a casino without a license is illegal. At the same time, some believe that unlicensed casinos aren’t trustworthy. However, both the notions are incorrect because a casino without a license is the one that holds the license of foreign authorities. It is entirely legal to play at a casino without a license, and it provides various opportunities as well, such as bonuses, wagering requirements, playing durations, etc.

The new ISTG regulations will serve to be both relaxation and tension to unlicensed casinos. After July 1, the bookmakers from outside Germany will also be allowed to acquire German licenses. As per the situation, many players would switch to casinos without licenses because of various advantages such as limitations on deposits, bonuses, more open, and minimal restrictions.

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H3-  Expected changes in the new regulations

Nobody knows the exact regulations that would come into place from July 1, 2021; experts can foresee a possible future. The experts reiterate specific possible changes such as advertisements, relaxing the ban on online slots and poker games, etc.

We have compiled a list of some very possible alterations that might take place post-June 30, have a look:

  • 5-second rules on slots: If you are familiar with the 3-second law of the Swedish license, it might not remain hard for you to understand the 5-second law. German authorities can bring a 5-second wait period after every spin. This situation would remain slightly unfair for punters. Hence, the result might attract casinos without licenses.
  • Jackpot: There might be certain restrictions on the number of players or wagering requirements. The lower amount and limitations can lead to disappointments amongst players.
  • Healthy advertisements: By beneficial promotions, we mean that the German authorities will allow ads in a window of either morning to evening, or vice-versa. But, there are specific implications such as no false promise of higher winning amounts, broadcasting the ads to people below 18 years, etc.
  • Bonuses and rewards: If compared with the unlicensed casino, the bonuses and rewards are lesser at a licensed casino. German authorities are looking forward to making changes in this segment as well. Licensed casinos will be allowed to host more bonuses but with various limitations.
  • Fast withdrawals: Many players face the issue of slow withdrawal. Also, the withdrawal process often leads to crediting lesser amounts at punters’ accounts. The main motive of new regulations is to manage fraudulent activity and cheating. Hence, a fast withdrawal policy is also something that can come in the new regulation.

H3-  Takeaway?

There is no exact answer to the impact and effect that the new regulation will bring to the German casino industry. But, one thing is evident that the new regulation will not impact players directly as it builds to tackle punters’ issues only. Responsible gaming is one of the premier considerations of July 1st regulations.