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Integrated Casino and Sportsbooks Could be Key to Cornering Indian Market

India is considered the next frontier for the internet due to its large and growing population, increasing internet penetration and smartphone adoption, and a rapidly expanding digital economy.

There are 1.3 billion people in the country, and 700 million of these already use the internet. By 2025, that number is expected to exceed 900 million.

It's no surprise that online sportsbooks and casinos are targeting people in the country, as the gambling industry has always flourished in places where the internet is ubiquitous. The key for brands that want to win Indian players over could be to combine sports betting and casino games at the same site.

Some of the Top Sites Combine Sports and Casino

There are already several companies that have attracted high numbers of Indian players in the growing gambling scene in the country. For international brands or new Indian start-ups that want to get a slice of the pie, it’s wise to look at the methods existing companies use and replicate them.

One of the top ways that sites seek to attract players is through bonuses, and some of the ones on offer are lucrative. For instance, the promo code for 10CRIC India gives customers a 150% deposit match along with a free bet. That’s not the only way the site aims to appeal to players, though. Its main method is to focus on sports betting to entice people from the sport-mad nation. However, it also advertises casino games and attempts to get players to balance their time between betting and tables.

India is a Sports Mad Nation

Sport is hugely popular in India, so it’s the way for companies to reach people and instantly form a connection. Cricket is the biggest by some margin, with Business Insider noting how nine out of ten people in the country watch the game. Before the internet came along, people didn’t have many ways to bet on the matches. Now, though, online sportsbooks are already proving to be hugely popular.

Casinos aren’t that prevalent in India, with only three states in the country allowing gambling houses. Therefore, the online casino industry may find it harder to take off on the subcontinent than it did in the west. Players could discover the games by first making bets on sport, and then hearing about casino deals at the same sites.

Games Relating to Sports Could be Successful

Aside from being connected to sportsbooks, casinos that want to succeed in India should ensure that they offer a range of games that are based on sport. According to a report in DESIblitz, the FIFA series from EA Sports is among the most popular console games in the country. This highlights how players in India are in search of sport-related content.

There are already plenty of sport-themed games in the iGaming market, with slots often using football and cricket symbols on the reels. There are even sport-related table games now, with Football Studio being a prime example. The Indian market is going to play a huge part in the future of the gambling industry, and companies that jump in now could reap the rewards. Currently, it appears that offering a combination of sports betting and casino games is the key to winning customers over in the country.