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Interview with Victor Cardoso, Operations Manager at Casino Atlantic City in Peru

Why did you decide to install Casino Technology's products on your casino floor?

As one of the leading casino operators in Peru with a solid tradition in providing the best gaming experience in the country, Casino Atlantic City has received excellent recommendations for Casino Technology's machines but also witnessed their constant progress through the solid performance assessment in other casinos. Following our standard practices to install any new brand on a trial, we have to acknowledge that during that period Casino Technology made a remarkable track record which had won our confidence that Casino Atlantic City opened doors to a reliable and trustworthy business partner. This is the reason why in the beginning of 2015 we decided to launch several units from the luxury line AURORA™ with the attractive multi-game series GAMOPOLIS™ MULTISKIN versions 23 and 24 and later we added the spectacular TANGRA™ slant top with next versions 27 and 28 of the successful series.

What makes Casino Technology's products standing out from the crowd?

The most and significant advantage is the absolute smart mix of  titles combined into the multi-game series GAMOPOLIS™ attracting various players and satisfying their tastes for themes, compelling graphics and intriguing features, but from operational point of view the added value of your product is the option to individually configure the RTP percentage for each game in the multi-game platform. Moreover, we found AURORA™ and TANGRA™'s design help maximizing the new player appeal and hold.  

What is the key to the products' success in the casino?

The experts of both Casino Atlantic City and Casino Technology selected the best spot for the machines during the trial targeting to accomplish the optimal outreach of the  players profiles in the zone. In our opinion, the games math models are simple and easy to understand. The keyboard layout and button deck's configurations are intuitive and user friendly allowing better interaction during the game. On the other hand,  Casino Technology's constant support and product promotion encouraged our clients to overcome their initial resistance and gave them incentives to play and trust the new machines in the casino.

You firstly installed the AURORA Upright cabinet, why did you decide to add TANGRA slant top in your VIP zone?

We strongly believe that we will repeat AURORA's success by adding TANGRA™ slant top on the floor. Moreover, our brand new VIP zone is completely built on the idea of providing mainly slant top cabinets which would create the intimacy preferred by game lovers, thus TANGRA™ in combination with the variety of GAMOPOLIS™ multi-game series creates the perfect solution for our marketing strategy.

About Casino Technology: Casino Technology, founded in 1999, is a global gaming equipment manufacturer with established positions in international markets. The company’s products are compliant in more than 50 gaming jurisdictions and are highly regarded for their performance, quality and reliability.

Nowadays, Casino Technology proudly stands in the league of those who shape the face of modern gaming. The company's brand is renowned as a synonym for unique quality games, progressive technological solutions, and products made with inspiration and passion for hundreds of thousands satisfied players around the world. For more information, visit www.casino-technology.com