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Japanese Love for Online Gaming

Online casinos in Japan are absolutely loved by the citizens because they’re easier to access and, therefore, they have been growing in the country especially during the Covid-19 isolation time. There’s no way to know how many time the world will be dealing with this virus but the truth is that the love for online gaming by the Japanese people has been persistent.

Operators have been having an increasing interest in Japan since this country has some strict policies when it comes to gambling. The Japanese citizens and even the tourists absolutely love to play at real casinos but nowadays they can do it online, especially because the fear of leaving the house it’s real.

The gambling situation in this country has never been steady. Japan is definitely considered conservative when it comes to a few traditions of entertainment that come from the west. The policies in this country are and have been always highly harsh. There is a fine line between the skill game that are legal and the luck-based games that are, right now, illegal in Japan.

Basically, there are no casinos in the western sense. There are, however, 20,000 halls in the country offering entertainment to their players. It was in 2016, after many debates about gambling, that the Japan’s bicameral legislature passed a bill for basically the legalization of casinos in the territory.

The national game called Pachinko is very popular and it’s a pinball game that basically allows players to gamble in a grey market. This industry’s gross revenues are of about 149.41bn a year, so it’s no joke. Japanese citizens definitely love Pachinko and this is one of the games that can be played at casinos that are still legal at online casinos.

Covid-19 and the growth of online casinos

It’s definitely known that the situation we’re in it’s not a good one since there are many negative points, especially for the persons who had to close their businesses. However, online casinos like John Vera Casino, which is one of the best ones in Japan, have been growing. This means that there are more people register at them.

With Covid-19 these casinos have grown a lot and, with them, the revenues have also which isn’t something to be admired of. This can be highly advantageous for the Japanese government. Of course, if the all the gambling was legalized, it would be so much better but, unfortunately, it is not.

The worldwide gambling market is likely to grow to €60bn this year, growing at a rate of 13.2%. This is majorly connected to Covid-19, because people are mostly home and therefore they have more free time to participate in free and paid activities which include online gambling. Of course, this all depends on the person, since not everyone will want to play at an online casino.

Why people are choosing online casinos

Casinos like Vera John Casino are highly developed and that means that it’s possible to play many games and also to have a lot of fun. Plus, Japanese citizens can also bet on horse racing, which is one of their favorite pastimes and that’s available on the majority of online casinos. Because of Covid-19 people are choosing to stay home and playing through their computer, especially when these casinos have everything to make them comfortable and make them feel like they’re playing at a real casino.

Nowadays there is the opportunity to bet and to play at an online casino, which is a huge advantage. There’s no need to register at two sites to do both of those things when you can do them at one site. Online casinos have several benefits like many bonuses, promotions and even VIP programs available where it’s possible to win things like real cash, paid vacations, clothes and much more.

If you don’t know much about online casinos then the best you can do is to read everything there’s online about them, in order to get familiar with them. It’s imperative you get to know about these before you actually register at one. Although many people have already played at a real casino, an online casino is different.

When you’re getting registered at an online casino then you’re asked to provide your information such as your address, your full name, phone number, ID number and other information that’s necessary for the casino to actually make sure you’re the person you say you are. It’s important you share this information and there’s no need to worry because good casinos always encrypt this data.

When you’re registered at a casino like Vera John Casino then you’ll have to make a deposit and withdrawal and it’s important that you share your bank account information but, of course, there’s no need to worry because everything is absolutely secret. Your data will be totally secured and safe, so you don’t need to worry about nothing getting stolen.

Online casinos are definitely the best place that people can choose to play at. These have revealed to be a great way to provide revenue for government worldwide and, especially, a way to entertain people in Japan. And not just during the lockdown but also during the normal times.

People who have registered at an online casino during the lockdown will definitely continue playing when everything passes, so it’s natural that the number of players at online casinos doesn’t diminishes a lot, which is a good thing. There’s a lot that can be explained but the way that people have been registering at these casinos is just because they want to pass the time and playing at online casinos is an excellent idea.

Operators are definitely happy with this growth on the number of registered players, especially because there are more deposits done. Of course, with all of this the revenue has also grown and the government can thank the pandemic, which is sad to say. However, hopefully, when this ends the growth will still continue and even get bigger. This means that there will be more revenue.