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The Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) Enforces New Dutch Online Casino Regulation in 2021

With the new rise in online gambling, especially for digital and novel games, multiple national and regional authorities have moved their focus onto these activities to ensure good practice and fair terms for players. Dutch gambling authority, the Kansspelautoriteit, will enforce new rules starting with January 1st, 2021 that aim to form a list of trustworthy Dutch online casinos both for domestic and international players.

This is especially important for casinos in Dutch territories outside of the Netherlands such as Curacao where a lot of financial dealings have been made without as strict supervision as on the mainland.

The Curacao gambling license is used worldwide and seen as a valid position to operate. But, because several companies have misreported their liquidity and status in the past it was not rated as the most trustworthy, losing to other low-tax locations such as the EU island nation of Malta.

Strict but Fair

Starting in 2019, the KSA has issued fines for several gaming operators in the country reaching almost $4 million, which is more than double from the numbers in 2018. The agency’s chairman Rene Jansen, stated that inspections and regulation will increase in lockstep with the new rules for licensing.

In his own words, the new regulation for licensing will be strict but fair. Ideally, operators inside the country, both on the European mainland and overseas territories, will need to cover several basic requirements to ensure their liquidity and the fair execution of their games.

Central Exclusion Register

Under the approach described by the KSA, the newly licensed operators will be included in a ‘’Central Exclusion Register’’, operating under the name ‘’Cruks’’. The registry, which starts working on January 1st, 2021, will give players the opportunity to exclude their own gaming from any operator inside the Kingdom.

Operators will always need to refer to the list of excluded players first, before accepting payments and allowing people to game on their platform. The idea behind this move is to allow players to game only with operators that they find offer fair gaming and have a good track record made by independent researchers.

While this seems like transferring most of the responsibility to the player, it is actually a good opportunity for voting with your wallet. By separating the good and reputable operators from the ones making mistakes or downright abusing their power we will see an overall improvement to the online casino gaming sector.

Will this Form Trustworthy Dutch Online Casinos?

In the world of online casinos, no operator is strictly focused on a single nation. The global market is so open and willing to accept new gaming operators that there is no reason why you wouldn’t offer your games to anyone wanting them world-wide.

These casinos might be located inside the Kingdom of the Netherlands legally, but will allow anyone to use their services.

Also, it is certain that both Dutch and foreign websites will keep a list of trustworthy Dutch online casinos and promote those with a better track record. The more players used these websites as a reference, the more casinos will try to offer some bonuses and advantages for anyone visiting them.

Finally, because a single mistake might spell doom for any operator, it is quite plausible that most operators will increase their investments in safety, user interface, as well as better customer support. This will not be for the sake of the players but for their own benefit, but it will also benefit everyone playing on their platforms.

Competitive Market Is Good for Players

The surge in demand for online casino games over the last couple of years has given a rise in both legitimate operators trying to offer their games to the widest possible number of players, as well as those shady ones.

Thankfully, both internet reviewers and government agencies like the KSA are working to crack down on illegal providers and improve legislation where necessary.

It is becoming well-known that responsible gaming, one that is done for fun and entertainment and not as exploitation for people’s weaknesses, should be the lifeblood of the industry. Operators and even the games provided should stress this fact as much as possible and help any player that might be going too far and spending money that they might need for other, more important, purposes.


Actions taken by the KSA should be interpreted as overall beneficial to both trustworthy Dutch online casinos and their players. While the new proposed regulation is not heavy-handed and doesn’t restrict the current business model of most online casino providers, it will give a better framework for anyone stepping in the business.

Additionally, with the help of online reviewers, the amount of illegal gambling and exploitation of players should come to a minimum, opening even more space for those who want to freely enjoy this type of entertainment.