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Local Gaming in the Coachella Valley

Bill Healey chats with Augustine Casino’s Jef Bauer

Southern California’s Coachella Valley iswell known for its many golf courses, its eight casinos, multiple music festivals, and notably as a winter destination for vacationers from Canada and the northern states. It is
also home to the Augustine Band of Cahuilla Indians’ Augustine Casino.

Augustine Casino was the first modern-day business enterprise of the Augustine Band of Cahuilla Indians when it opened in July of 2002. Though a short two hour drive from Los Angeles, the casino remains a draw for locals within a 15-mile (25km) radius.Casino Life Magazine was fortunate to catch up with Jef Bauer, the general manager at Augustine Casino.

Could you give us a bit of your background and how you got your start in the casino gaming industry.
I entered the industry completely by accident. While attending college at University of Nevada and virtually broke, I realized I needed to find a job to support not only my education but my young family (I had
a newborn daughter). Perusing the job boards at the university, I noticed an interesting posting for a “Sports Writer.” Since I was a journalism major, knowledgeable about sports, I thought it would be perfect. However, I was confused as to why Harrah’s Reno would have this position. Since the job paid $5.25 an hour, I was excited to find out. I interviewed and was hired...as a sports book ticket writer. This was in 1987 and was the beginning of my career in

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