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London Hippondrome Casino tops the 'Trip Advisor's Reviews




LONDON, England - Whether you’re planning a trip to the UK or you’re already on vacation here, a trip to one of the glamorous casinos is a must! And if you are only used to poker on your mobile, or playing online, make sure you make a stop at one of the glitzy brick and mortar casinos on our list to discover what it is like to shuffle up and deal with live players.

The Number One Best UK Casino

The Hippodrome Casino – Leicester Square, London

This casino comes highly recommended by tourists from around the world. We all know just how picky Trip Advisor reviewers can be but they’ve given it the highest rating of all the London casinos!

Checking out the Hippodrome is going to tick off 2 boxes on your vacation check list – playing at a top casino and getting in some history and heritage. No need to feel bad for staying here all day – it’s basically a cultural excursion.

The Hippodrome first opened in 1900 as an entertainment venue. It sounds crazy now, but they had real life polar bears at the gala opening.

Charlie Chaplin also performed one of his fist plays here and Harry Houdini wowed the crowds with his magic as well.

One of the strangest stories about the Hippodrome is that there was originally a 100,000 gallon illuminated pool in the centre of the building and acrobat dwarves would dive into the pool from the ceiling!

Best Bits:

◦There are three massive gaming floors with a huge selection of casino games to play. There’s Roulette, Blackjack, Casino War and loads of others, plus Slots, Craps and Baccarat.

◦You’ll also be rewarded for your Slots play with instant rewards. They’re printed out straight from your machine and you can win cash, complimentary food and drink and get free entry to prize draws.

◦Poker fans are in for a real treat too because there’s 24 hour Texas No Limit Hold’em, Dealer’s choice and Pot Limit Omaha on the dedicated PokerStars Live floor of the casino.

This poker room is really popular with London poker players and you’ll see the big boys heading straight to the Deep Stack Hold’em table where there’s no set maximum buy in. Expect to see some huge pots going down!