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Men’s love for no deposit bonuses is on the rise


The trendy man increasingly appreciates the online gambling industry: in fact, the statistics are very clear and highlight a steady growth in GDP right in the online casino gaming market. The primacy is more for a male user, despite an increasing number of female players.

Playing online casino is easy

Among online casino games, the most played are certainly slot machines, which offer a very simple and fast way to play and this keeps players engaged. The confirmation comes directly from the web: in fact, it is sufficient to type on any search engine the words” online slot machines” to immediately understand that they are certainly the most sought after words, especially "free slot machines". Obviously, when we talk about free gambling, research such as blackjack, roulette, bingo, poker, video poker, bets and so on come into play.

What kind of person usually play at slot machines or other online casino games?

The numbers collected so far show how the phenomenon is distributed on a wide age range, even if the most evident peak is between 25 and 34 years and over 65. In detail, the data speak of a 63% of male players, while the remaining 37% are women.

The gap between men and women in the online casino gaming industry has been greatly reduced in recent years, in fact "Pink" gaming on the web is steadily growing, so women can enjoy a pastime that was previously mostly for men and have fun playing on the best platforms of the web.

New user Bonus

Today online casino games offer many opportunities to players, especially for new members, and without forgetting to retain the "older" players. There are valuable promotions to have fun with your favorite games and welcome bonuses to take advantage of.

The offers included with the first registration are usually of these three kinds:

  • Bonus calculated on the first deposit.
  • Bonus without deposit, practically the possibility of playing using money offered by the online casino (usually not more than 20 euros), like this new online casino no deposit bonus.
  • Series of free spins to play free on online slot machines, with the great possibility of winning real money.

Online casino technology

Technology also plays a main role in the gambling industry. Today it is possible to reach your favorite game directly from your smartphone, or with a mobile device like a tablet, in addition to the classic PC and this system guarantees the best of privacy, security and legality.

To conclude

Overall, we can say that the modern man has a strong passion for online casino games, especially for those who like to use their mobile and modern devices. Playing online is the latest trend!