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The Most popular casinos in Finland

Finland is an interesting country when it comes to gambling. That’s because the industry is run by the government who have a state monopoly. If you want to become party of the gambling business, then you have to deal with the government. It’s been this way for decades and it explains why there is but one casino on the mainland.

So, there you are in Finland and you want to go to a casino, just where do you head? The answer is the Grand Casino in Helsinki which is run by Finland’s Slot Machine Association and there is plenty for you to enjoy. The casino was closed earlier this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but the country was delighted when it reopened in late June.

Now it’s open again, you can pay them a visit and try your luck on their 20 gaming tables with all your favourite games, so whether it’s poker, roulette, baccarat or blackjack you love playing, you won’t be disappointed. Slot machine lovers will have a smile on their face too as there is an excellent selection of them with over 300 to hopefully get some big wins on.

There’s more than one Poker Face at this casino. They are currently advertising a Lady Gaga tribute concert due to take place in October. That follows a visit by another performer paying tribute to Sting and The Police in September. Having seen the photo though, let’s hope the voice is more like Sting than his looks. With comedy nights too, this is much more than just a venue to go and have a gamble at. You can read more about this Finnish casino online at Dreamz.com.

Meanwhile on the tables, there are several versions of poker that can be played. One is Russian Poker where you play against the dealer rather than the other players on the table. If you are planning a visit and you’re not familiar with this version, all the rules can be found on their website.

There is also the PAF (Play Among Friends) Casino at the Arkipelag Hotel & Casino in Mariehamn that you can visit. This is on the Aland Islands which you’ll find in the Baltic Sea and is an autonomous region of Finland. It’s not the largest of venues with around a dozen slot machines and three gaming tables. Not that much on offer though but it’s most likely very much appreciated.

Back on the mainland, there is going to be another casino open in 2021. When this was announced back in 2016, there were 70 applications for the licence. Tampere was the lucky winner with the others able to apply for what they call ‘Feel Vegas’ slot halls. In those you can find low-limit table games but are mainly also to be found in Helsinki.

It’s taking a while to offer Finnish residents more opportunities to go to a casino. The new one in Tampere will be a big step forward for the gambling industry in the country. Start the countdown to its opening day now.